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Get to know about latest scientific inventions around AI, Space Electronics, Medicine, travel and sea. Get the latest about Elon Mursk, Microsoft, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Samsung and other tech Giants. Get to know about great remarkable innovations around Africa.

Use of Technology helping China curb Corona Virus spread.


Sophisticated technology is coming in handy in China with the spread of Coronavirus pandemic. Though it evokes privacy concerns, the current crisis has forced concerned parties to shelved such concerns in a bid to arrest the spread of the deadly virus. In Zhenghou for instance, AI Cameras have been placedContinue Reading

Endangered species of animals


An endangered species refers to a plant or animal that exists in very small numbers and is on the verge of becoming wiped out from existence. Across the world, there are many animals like the mammals, birds, reptiles among other species that are currently facing extinction. Virtually every country isContinue Reading

Vacuum cleaner

Best Vacuum for Hardwood & Ceramic Tile Floors


We did deep market research and analyzed different best vacuum cleaners for Hardwood & Ceramic Tile Floors and came up with BISSELL Symphony 1132A as the best vacuum cleaner for ceramic tile floors. The vacuum has the highest rating because it vacuums and steams the floor at the same timeContinue Reading

Best Vacuum for Marble Floors Reviews in 2019


Marble floors are a beautiful addition to any home, but they require special care to maintain their shine and luster. A vacuum with strong suction and gentle brush roll is essential for keeping marble floors free of dust, dirt, and debris. We did research and analyzed vacuum cleaners to determineContinue Reading

Security awareness online and Cryptography


Security awareness online How secure aware are you when using your desktop computer online?   Desktop computers offer quite fewer security mechanisms that actually are far much less satisfactory with regard to optimum protection. Desktop computers only offer the operating system security measures such as the firewall and maybe installed antivirusContinue Reading

Top Fintech companies

Top Fintech Companies to watch in Kenya 2020


NLS Banking Solutions NLS is a financial technology company based in Nairobi Kenya that is widely known across the Banking Industry for innovative software solutions. Its widely known products include the Channel Manager which is a financial processing tool designed to offer 24/7 availability to customer digital channels, independent ofContinue Reading

Cloud storage options

Cloud storage options: Get free Backup storage.


There are number of cloud storage options available on the market with a number still coming up. This article identifies common cloud storage options that are also available to the public. Dropbox This a nice cloud file storage option due to its reliability, ease of use, and a breeze toContinue Reading

Effects of Technology on Humanity


The growth of Technology has been an integral part of human life over the years. Presently, we basically live in a digital era studded by massive technological innovations ranging from high-tech cars, digital applications, smartphones, wireless internet, and outer space crafts amongst others. These insurmountable innovations have entrenched themselves inContinue Reading

Robots in Japanese Hospitals


Following stiff competition in the manufacture of machines from the other high performing Asia economies like South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, Japan shifted focus to high precision items like robotics and optics. The robotics industry is indispensable in Japan than any other country in the globe. This industry provides employmentContinue Reading

The social network

The social network-How our lives are affected


The social network has the potential to bring us closer to the online community, Share happiness memories, photos of all kinds, support cross-border communication, help to establish and maintain friendship and community management. However, it is obvious that we will link us with the power of social media, but areContinue Reading

Project Management

Project management: A case study of TELUS.


Introduction TELUS communication is a Canadian based company that provides several communication products as well as services across Canada. As such the company carries out several small scale and large scale projects within Canada. A project by definition is a temporary effort to establish a unique product or service andContinue Reading

Emerging trends in cloud computing

Emerging trends in cloud computing


Emerging trends in cloud computing suggests that it is slowly changing from business buzzword to industry vital solution; technology indicators revealed migration to the cloud as a huge trend in 2015, with researchers anticipating that expenses on cloud services would reach $300 billion by 2016. At the moment, the perceived industryContinue Reading

Risa 3D

RISA 3D structural engineering softw


RISA-3D is a structural engineering software that stands out in the field due to its ease of use. Risa software  is tailored for daily structural engineering use. Risa software  is user friendly with great capabilities making the software a powerful tool for optimization and analysis within different types of structuresContinue Reading