Masinde Muliro University Thrown into Mourning again after another former Vice Chancellor Passes on.

Masinde Muliro University of science and technology are in mourning after another former Vice-Chancellor passes on. The family of Prof Fredrick Otieno confirmed that the former VC passed on over the weekend at an Eldoret Hospital. The Professor was found unconscious by his employees and was rushed to hospital where he died on Sunday. The Professor’s family resides in South Africa where he previously served as the Deputy VC in charge of Technology, Innovation, and Partnerships at Durban University before…

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Hon Chepkut shows his Praise and Worship Prowess at A Recent Mass.

Hon. Chepkut is at it again. At a recent mass, the lively lawmaker didn’t waste time showcasing his entertaining praise and worship moves much to the amusement of the congregants. The self-proclaimed ‘only soul alive’ is fondly described as the most amusing legislator in the North Rift. All is not fun and jokes though with the popular legislator known for championing environmental conservation in Parliament thanks to his motion introducing compulsory tree planting in all learning institutions.

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Mesut Ozil

Arsenal vs Manchester City: Embarrassing loss shows that Freddie is still struggling to define club’s next chapter

Arsenal suffered an embarrassing home defeat at the hands of in-form Manchester City, First-half goals from Kelvin Debruyne who scored a brace and a goal from Raheem Sterling were enough to seal the fate of the gunners. Arsenal’s stopper Leno was forced to make a number of dangerous saves throughout the match in a game that city outclassed clueless gunners. Left Back Kolasinic went out injured towards the end of the first half a blunder that allowed City to score…

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Cloud storage options

Cloud storage options: Get free Backup storage.

There are number of cloud storage options available on the market with a number still coming up. This article identifies common cloud storage options that are also available to the public. Dropbox This a nice cloud file storage option due to its reliability, ease of use, and a breeze to configure. Files reside within the cloud and can be retrieved any time from the Dropbox website and support all operating system platforms. Provides 2GB free storage. Pros The cloud file…

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Effects of Technology on Humanity

The growth of Technology has been an integral part of human life over the years. Presently, we basically live in a digital era studded by massive technological innovations ranging from high-tech cars, digital applications, smartphones, wireless internet, and outer space crafts amongst others. These insurmountable innovations have entrenched themselves in the lives of today’s humanity that we can hardly function without them. The phrase “we did not have these gadgets back in the day” has become a common platitude from…

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Adolescence and Youth radicalization

The rise of terror attacks across the globe has undoubtedly caused much concern and controversy in contemporary international relations. There has been genuine apprehension over the growing numbers of youths joining terror groups such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Al-Nusra Front, and Boko Haram amongst others. The keyword used by the media, security scholars, think tanks, and other stakeholders to explain the massive movement by the youth to join the terror groups is radicalization.…

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Global Warming,

Global Warming

Global warming is a term used to describe the gradual rise in the average temperature on the earth’s surface and the oceans. According to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2007 assessment report; the average temperature on the earth’s surface increased by 0.740C from 1906 to 2005, which was the highest ever in the history of humanity. Global warming is believed to be the biggest contributor to climate change. How global warming is affecting people and/or the environment around the…

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The Alchemy of suffering

The author in the Alchemy of suffering describes the never-ending human suffering right from birth to the social and economic circumstances such as poverty and death tragedy. The author takes a Buddhist viewpoint on happiness and suffering in writing the article. The author was born and brought up in a family that understood how to embrace humanities as his mother was an artist while the father was a famous philosopher. He tends to create a juxtaposition between suffering and happiness…

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Nandi county

The beautiful Nandi County

Nandi County is situated In the North Rift of Kenya, occupying approximately 2,884 square kilometers bordering Kisumu, Kakamega, Vihiga, and Uasin Gishu counties. County Headquarters is in Kapsabet town with other towns that include Lessos, Nandi Hills, Mosoriot, Kobujoi, Kabiyet, Kaiboi among others. Nandi prides itself with legendary athletes including current World Marathon Record Holder Eliud Kipchoge, Former 800m women record-holder Pamela Jelimo, Janet Jepkosgei, Abel Kirui among others. In terms of tourist attraction sites, Nandi is blessed with a…

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Visible Learning

Learning portraits are all about enriching spoken teachings and facilitates easy and quick learning. They also bring out learner’s emotions and feelings quite well as well as making the learning process quite interactive and practical. Learning portraits are very effective when used in teaching slow learners or young kids since words are enriched with real world symbols on portraits. I choose this portrait basically because I am so interested in art and it seems to reveal several aspects regarding art.…

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Food Security

The 21st century has been identified by increased technological advancements as well as improved living standards. But then despite this advancements, the issue of food security is still a menace and has not been fully solved, particularly in third world nations. This short essay shall therefore scrutinize the reasons, suggest solutions as well as evaluate the outcome to the international food supply menace. There can be two major reasons attributed to this, first is the disparity between the supply of…

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Religious leaders condemn politicking in funerals

Religious leaders in the North Rift have condemned politicians’ habit of advancing their political campaigns in funerals, saying it is disrespectful to the bereaved. The clergy now want the national assembly and senate to draft and pass a Bill that will bar politicians from taking advantage of funeral events to campaign and hurl insults to their rivals. Led by North Rift Council of Imam and Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) Chairperson Sheik Abubakar Bin, and Eldoret diocese bishop Cornelius Korir the…

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Hitches of Patient confidentiality in the networked computer age

Here the benches are full of patients lining in faintly lit hallways, the floors are clouded with red dust footprints tracked in by patients from the surrounding communities in Uasin Gishu to reach health service providers. The doors to offices, counseling rooms and clinical rooms are open and if you peer into the rooms you can have a view of counselors and doctors at work attending to the patients. At first, though you would think that privacy is non-existent, perhaps…

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Mango farmers in Elgeyo Marakwet county optimistic to lure EU market after dealing with menacing fruitfly

Like many mango farmers in Elgeyo Marakwet County, Mzee Francis Kiplagat dreads the mention of the word fruit fly, saying the insect is a menace that had consistently robbed him of huge fortunes whenever his trees bore fruits. For years, the fly had been a set back to his agricultural venture of passion since his tender age, that even saw him sacrifice his career as a police officer. Kiplagat quit being an Administration Police (AP) officer in 1969 less than a year…

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Young farmer making good returns from Cucumber and Watermelon ice creams

Harvesting 500 kilogrammes of cucumber from one greenhouse at first attempt in 2012 was a massive achievement for Larry Keya a resident of Kapseret in Uasin Gishu County. However, Keya was shocked when his bumper harvest was rejected by traders he approached at Eldoret main market, he had to watch painfully his yields wither in a home store. “I was told the cucumbers cucumbers had done well but unluckily they had bent thus unsuitable for the market, I did not understand the concept…

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The Legendary Baba Raila Odinga

Raila Amolo Odinga, a political figurehead in Kenya; a man of strong will and a stubborn heart. He is well-known both locally and internationally for his resilience. Even after losing the presidential seat to his opponents several times, Raila still remains strong and determined. Many politicians would not survive in politics if placed in Odinga’s shoes. Odinga is loved by many and equally hated by many, but that is expected in a country that thrives on tribalism. Many of his…

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Miguna Miguna

Miguna Prides Himself with Prophetic Role.

The no nonsense Politician/Lawyer took to twitter to praise himself over what he said during the 2017 Nairobi Gubernatorial candidates Mike Sonko, Peter Kenneth and Evans Kidero. After Sonko was arraigned in court yesterday, Miguna insinuated that he had earlier warned Nairobians of them being Cartels but was shut off by Raila and Uhuru’s supporters. Some Twitter users showered him with praises with one JKK telling him “You were right General unfortunately most Kenyans choose thieves for leaders”. The controversial…

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Chinese Economy

The Rise of Chinese Economy

By the 20th century, we have seen so many great nation rise and fall. At all times nations strive for super power status as it assumes a lot of power and strength in global politics and economics.  In the past century alone, over four nations rise to glory of superpower status and being the world’s hegemon and fall back through the cracks. Such nations include the imperial Germany in the 1900 to 1918; whose power ended as a consequence of…

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Brexit Analysis

United Kingdom (UK) has been a member of the European Union (EU) for close to five decades. The EU is an economic and political bloc with a membership of 28 countries drawn from Europe established after World War II with the objective of fostering economic cooperation. In 1951 Belgium, France, West Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands signed the Treaty of Paris, which established the European Economic Community (EEC), the forerunner of today’s European Union. The UK first expressed interest…

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