TikTok Queen Joins Triller a rival App

TikTok number one Creator known by many as the queen of TikTok Charli D’Amelio and who currently has 87 million followers, is set to extend her social media influence by Joining TikTok rival App Triller. Although the influencer has not signed any formal exclusive deal with Triller, she is certainly going to carry a number of the content she has been creating for TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to Triller in a bid to earn more from her dealings with major…

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Huawei Sanctions

US increases restrictions on Beijing Telecommunications company Huawei.

Donald Trump’s administration has placed additional constraints on Huawei technologies in a clear move of restricting the company access to US technology. The focus of these restrictions is to prevent Huawei from purchasing computer chips manufactured using US technology, or that were not particularly developed for Huawei. The US commerce department had in May of 2020 issued a demand for global chipmakers US technologies to first acquire licenses from the US government before working on the designs for their technologies…

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Alex and Alan Stokes

Twins charged over a bank robbery prank

YouTubers and TikTok sensation Alex and Alan Stokes have been arrested after staging two prank robberies for a video. In one of the incidents, an Uber driver was arrested by police on gunpoint. The twins who have a collective following of 30 million subscribers, were charged with false imprisonment as well as falsely reporting an emergency. If prosecution succeeds, they each face a jail term of up to 4 years. Though a prank, the two have been accused of presenting…

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Former Google Engineer sentenced for theft

Anthony Levandowski a former engineer at Google has been sentenced to 18 months jail term for what was termed as trade secret theft, prior to joining Uber. Levandowski was part of the team working on Google’s self-driving car Waymo. Judge William Alsup while giving his ruling in San Francisco said Anthony Levandowski had carried out what he termed “the biggest trade secret crime I have ever seen”. Before quitting Google for Uber, Levandowski loaded approximately 14,000 sensitive files into his…

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Facebook blocks President Bolsonaro supporters accounts.

US Technology Giant Facebook has blocked numerous Facebook accounts attributed to Brazil ‘s president supporters Jair Bolsonaro in compliance with a supreme court ruling. The supporters have been accused of spreading propaganda against court judges. Nevertheless, Facebook argued that the ruling amounted to curtailing freedoms of speech, even as it prepared to appeal against the ruling. The Social media platform has been used aggressively in calling for a military coup in order to shut down the Supreme court and Congress.…

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Software quality

Project Management and Software Quality

The concept behind project management and software quality assurance is very important in software development. In essence any software project done without focus to the two concepts above is not consider to be a project but a mock up project. To achieve the desired results of a project, the project must focus on the resources, duration allocated and availability of the inputs. The entire requirements cannot be managed effectively without the use of project management techniques. It is also important…

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Browsing vs. searching the web

The introduction of the internet has generated a wealth of useful information available to millions of people across the globe. With the increased online services popularity, many internet users have access to more information as opposed to previous times, similarly such information is growing exponentially. Persons seeking to benefit from this information essentially have two intentions.

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Facebook Fiber spinning Bombyx robot review

Facebook has been hitting the headlines since 2007, it has previously focused itself in Social chatrooms including Facebook itself, WhatsApp and Instagram. As competitors around the technology space began diversifying, Facebook also built Libra a global payment system founded on cryptocurrency as a way of providing competition to Bitcoin which so far is the market leader in cryptocurrency.

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Data profiling

Data profiling in Analytics

When faced with large datasets, it is often hard to quickly locate some variables in a dataset. There are several approaches to this. One common one is the use of proc contents and proc datasets to enlist all variables together with labels. Nevertheless, in case you are interested in knowing just one variable, then you have to search between all dataset values to locate it. To search for a variable in a data set you follow the steps below; Create…

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Over the past few years, there have been tremendous reforms and developments in the media industry. In particular there has been exponential growth in the number of media houses and media personnel. Besides, the advent of the internet has revolutionized the kind of news that gets wider viewing from the global audience. Among these changes is the rise in tabloid news featuring celebrities from Hollywood. Definition Tabloidization is now a common term used equally by employed journalists, academicians, and media…

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E-tailing is a term that is used to refer to the selling of goods and services using the internet as the medium. It is a short term for the words ‘electronic retailing’ and it has been in the market discussion from 1995 up to date. E-tailing is therefore basically the selling of retail goods on the internet through email solicitation. E-tailing goes hand-in-hand with the business to customer transactions as the term inevitably substitutes e-business and e-mailing as well. E-tailing…

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Inclusion of Netiquette in school curriculum

The use of the internet and its feeder platforms such as social media are part of the outstanding discoveries of the 21st century and laudable milestones in the development of information technology and communication. The colossal interactions online has raised concern for etiquette online giving rise to the term netiquette. Netiquette is basically ethics of interactions online to ensure the respect, the moral values and virtues in real life are maintained online as well. The issue of how to go…

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Enron Scandal

Ethics deals with values, morals and the overall individual personality as appropriate in any given society. Various ethical theories have provided rules entrenched in systems and principles which offer guidance and making key decisions on rating what is good or bad and right or wrong. Ethical theories have provided basis for guidance and understanding on what is good and bad in any given scenario and the understanding of what is morally upright to be referred as human in nature.

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Data Models possible for MongoDB

MongoDB is basically an open-source database tailored in consideration to agility and scalability. As opposed to storing data in table columns and rows as done in relational databases, MongoDB rather uses JSON similar documents that have dynamic schemas. Data modeling in MongoDB is quite similar to what happens in relational databases with slight differences. Essentially, data models are used to symbolize objects that an application will deal with together with the object relationships. Data models in MongoDB MongoDB represents data…

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Greening software

Cache Conscious software Development

The cache performance of a program can be made better by creating a new organization and a new layout of its data ad data structures. In the past years, the techniques used arranged instances that re distinct in order to get grater reference locality and hence improve the cache performance of the structures, though the technique improved the performance of cache program its limitation is that it works only well for structures that are small. In this text focus is…

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Artificial Intelligence

History of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence refer to the concept and creation of computer structures that are able to carry out activities that usually require human intelligence to perfume. Such tasks can include speech recognition, visual perception, translation of languages, and decision making. This term artificial intelligence was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at time when he held a conference on this subject. In computer science, the artificial Intelligence is one of the most mysterious subject that has been studied for several decades.…

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Human centered design

Human centered Design and Engineering

Human centered design and engineering refers to coming up with product design that suits specific users based on the person, character and behavior of the users. HCDE focuses on making technology accommodate people rather than having the people accommodate technology; it is integrating technology and engineering to make products work for the people. It is an interdisciplinary where many fields are integrated; examples of the fields are computer science, industrial engineering, information science, technology among others. HCDE has proved to…

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Using social media for marketing

Web 2.0 is a technology that is currently used to make robust website that allows both clients and sellers to engage in a discussing concerning the products in sales. This is well elaborated via a blog website which allows sellers to engage in a forum with clients located at various geographic locations. This is essential because current marketing strategies have started to implement this feature of web 2.0 in social marketing which is guarantee of accessing a wide market by…

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Big Data

Big Data Management: Work Smarter Not Harder

In the present world, most organizations are largely involved in tasks that generate huge amounts of data. Data sets are growing exponentially in various domains globally in a way that makes it hard to manage. This clearly indicates that we are in an era of Big Data. It is reasonable that data management is the ultimate approach to extract the valuable information from such massive data sets. Nevertheless, generating accurate outcomes from such large data requires noticeable efforts, time and…

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ATM locator,

New methods for choosing optimal ATM locations by using GIS

The always rising competition within the Banking and financial sectors to gain some competitive edge is being witnessed across the globe. The success of this industry mainly relies on the power of the industry to establish a larger customer base and dispense market based services. As a solution, these industry has adopted several methodologies one which mainly applies geographical information systems. The banging industry around the globe is rapidly changing particularly over the last few years which also showcased great…

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