Browsing vs. searching the web

The introduction of the internet has generated a wealth of useful information available to millions of people across the globe. With the increased online services popularity, many internet users have access to more information as opposed to previous times, similarly such information is growing exponentially. Persons seeking to benefit from this information essentially have two intentions.

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Facebook Fiber spinning Bombyx robot review

Facebook has been hitting the headlines since 2007, it has previously focused itself in Social chatrooms including Facebook itself, WhatsApp and Instagram. As competitors around the technology space began diversifying, Facebook also built Libra a global payment system founded on cryptocurrency as a way of providing competition to Bitcoin which so far is the market leader in cryptocurrency.

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Enron Scandal

Ethics deals with values, morals and the overall individual personality as appropriate in any given society. Various ethical theories have provided rules entrenched in systems and principles which offer guidance and making key decisions on rating what is good or bad and right or wrong. Ethical theories have provided basis for guidance and understanding on what is good and bad in any given scenario and the understanding of what is morally upright to be referred as human in nature.

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Mobile App Analytics

Mobile App analytics

As the word continues to witness growth in digital marketing trends, the ancient rules no longer apply to mobile, however, the call for analytics is as critical as ever. Let website trends set your business to the correct path to successful optimization and quality management. Mobile applications was the first none website platform integrated into the Google Analytics suite as a top class citizen; it was however, a solution to the change towards smart devices such as tablets and phones witnessed over the past four years.

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Human centered design

Human centered Design and Engineering

Human centered design and engineering refers to coming up with product design that suits specific users based on the person, character and behavior of the users. HCDE focuses on making…

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