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Lindah Kosgey

Know about Lindah Kosgey K24


Lindah kosgey is an Agricultural Enthusiast, currently hosting Kilimo na Biashara show at K24 TV which brings together methods and emerging trends in the Agribusiness world. She is also a business journalist at K24 TV and a moderator for various high ranking events relating to both business and Agriculture. EducationContinue Reading


Staying Safe on Hiking Trips with Kids


Hiking is an exciting way of spending time and family outdoors as it is not only good for human fitness, but also provides a chance to interact and appreciate the nature. Spending time hiking also helps ease our minds after busy days at works both at home and office therebyContinue Reading

Felix Korir

Colombian boy begs Kenyan Athlete for his Jersey-Commonwealth Games


Emotional moment after tearful Colombian boy who was sitting in the stands, holding a peculiar card written in Swahili, begged for Kenyan jersey from athlete Felix Korir. The boy had used modern technology to translate Spanish into Kiswahili. On the card, he wrote; ‘Habari, mimi ni mwanariadha na ningejivunia kuvaaContinue Reading


It’s time to increase Olympics Medal positions


Over the past two weeks’ majority of us have been glued to our screens across the world watching athletes compete their hearts out at the global stage. There have been a couple of surprises for instance in 100 meters’ men where for the first time Jamaica and the US wereContinue Reading

Super League

European Clubs right to break away to Super League


A lot has certainly been said over the past few days about the plan by Europe’s top clubs to break away from UEFA to a European Super League where the founding clubs of UEFA will have immunity from being relegated. All arguments seem to point to monetary benefits that theseContinue Reading


Arsenal set to Terminate Arteta’s contract


News reaching us this afternoon from the Emirates are that Arsenal are deliberating on terminating the head coach Contracts. Arteta joined Arsenal as a coach in January and has been with Arsenal close to a year now. Initially, he won admiration across the board with pundits saying he was theContinue Reading

NBA Draft 2020

NBA Draft 2020


The NBA draft is an annual event dating back to 1947 in where teams emanating from the National Basketball Association can draft eligible players and wish to join the league. These are typically college basketball players; though international players are also eligible to be drafted. First Round Timberwolves draft AnthonyContinue Reading

Kyle Washington Football Team

Kyle Allen Washington Football Team’s Scary Injury


However, his career made a turn for the worst on Sunday during a match between the Washington Football team and the New York Giants when Kyle Allen suffered a scary ankle injury after being tackled by Jabrill Peppers. The Washington Football team lost the match 23-20. Allen was injured duringContinue Reading

Arteta Worst signing Willian

Arteta’s worst signing so far


Arteta joined Arsenal mid of the 2019/2020 season after the previous coach Unai Emery was perceived to have lost trust with the Arsenal team and fans. When Arteta was given the top job at the Emirates, he quickly won back trust from the players and fans as well, managing toContinue Reading

Desmond King

Desmond King II, Titans defensive Back.


Desmond King was born in December 1994 in Detroit Michigan and is currently an American football comeback for Tennessee Titans in the National Football league. Desmond King is currently single with a net worth of between $100,000 to $1,000,000. In 2017, he was taken in the fifth round of theContinue Reading

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi heading to the Emirates.


It has now been confirmed that Lionel Messi is seeking to unilaterally terminate his contract at Barcelona. Sources at the Catalan club indicate that Messi is seeking to end his contract at Barcelona by triggering his release clause. The biggest question for Football enthusiasts is where the five-time Ballon D’orContinue Reading