January 2021

Military experience in organizational diversity


Workplace diversity entails a scenario where the workforce of a particular organization is composed of people from various backgrounds, different human qualities, and various cultural groups. In the American military for instance, diversity can be used to mean differences in age, gender, race, or even physical ability. In an organizationContinue Reading

Database Security

Database Security


There is a lot of considerations that need to be taken into account when implementing databases. Many organizations do not take the security of the database as an important thing to be considered. The most important security concerns that companies experience today are the management of assets like data andContinue Reading

Larry King

Larry King: Legendary Talk Show hosts passes on.


Larry King Seasoned CNN host who later became an icon through his informative interviews with several newsmakers has passed on at 87. Larry King worked with CNN for over 25 years interviewing celebrities, presidential candidates, movie stars, athletes, and everyday people. He retired in 2010 after taping over 6,000 episodesContinue Reading

How to verify if your name appears on BBI signature list.


IEBC has published a verified BBI signature list for public scrutiny. This intended to allow citizens to check if their details were used without their consent. This comes after ODM and BBI secretariat member Junet Muhammed accused IEBC of sabotaging the BBI process. “Anyone who has been captured as aContinue Reading

Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration quotes.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a federal holiday in the United States of America that marks the date when Martin Luther King Jr was born. It is often observed every third Monday of January every year. Martin Luther King’s birthday is January 15 but just like other holidays, itContinue Reading

Phil Spector

Phil Spector: Pop Music Producer dies at 81.


Phil Spector also known as Harvey Spector, an American Pop Music producer, songwriter, musician, and convicted Murder has died of natural causes. Phil Spector transformed the Pop music industry with his “wall of Sound” recordings working with revolutionary artists such as the Righteous Brothers, the Beatles, and Tina Turner. HeContinue Reading

How technology Assists Arab Singles in the US to Find Love


Men or women, black or white, short or tall, they are all looking for love. When one gets it, one becomes happy. Guys want women they can trust and they can commit to, for their entire lives. Basically, there are many similarities in what gentlemen and ladies are searching. However,Continue Reading

Catholicism and fundamentalism


People are of varying opinions on whether real differences exist between being a fundamentalist and being a catholic. Questions have been asked on several online answer sites, in relation to this issue. Some people have taken this matter to web-based church forums. It is common to see heated debates onContinue Reading

Bobi Wine sweeping Kampala as voter counting begins


Vote counting exercise in Uganda has begun, immediately after polling stations closed at 4pm. Ugandans went to the polls on Thursday, January 14, to vote in a president and Members of Parliament at the back of internet shutdown in the East African country. The Electoral Commission announced that the firstContinue Reading

Ugandan journalist leaves ICU bed, taken to vote on ambulance


As Ugandans came out in large numbers to vote in presidential and members of parliament elections, one journalist moved hearts after getting from hospital to go cast his ballot. Ugandan Journalist Ashraf Kasirye has been taken from his Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bed at Rubaga Hospital with an ambulance toContinue Reading

Naomi Campbell appointed Magical Kenya International tourism ambassador


Kenya has appointed UK supermodel Naomi Campbell its Magical Kenya International Tourism ambassador. The appointment was made by Kenya’s Tourism and Wildlife Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala after a meeting with the model who likes spending her holidays in the Kenyan Coast. According to the letter making public this development, CampbellContinue Reading

Mehran Karimi Nasseri

The Man Who Lived at the airport for 18 years.


How often do you hear of persons residing in public places for years? Would you believe that someone lived in an Airport Terminal for almost 2 decades? The Story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri otherwise known as Sir Alfred is almost unbelievable but factual. Regular travelers via the Charles de GaulleContinue Reading

Australian Man eats a Bat

Uproar as Australian Man Eats Bat Sandwich in an advert.


A visual advertisement from Australian outdoor equipment company “Boating Fishing Store’ has been viewed more than 300, 000 times on YouTube.  Within the advert, the Caucasian male jokes that the Covid 19 pandemic is a result of someone eating a bat. This part of the entire conspiracy theories that tryContinue Reading