• IEBC has published a verified BBI signature list for public scrutiny.
  • This intended to allow citizens to check if their details were used without their consent.
  • This comes after ODM and BBI secretariat member Junet Muhammed accused IEBC of sabotaging the BBI process.

“Anyone who has been captured as a supporter without consent can report to the commission by writing to the AG commission secretary/CEO indicating their objections,” chairman Wafula Chebukati said.

The duly signed objection letter containing name ID number and contact telephone number should either be scanned and emailed to RPIT@iebc.or.ke or dropped at the IEBC Offices by Monday January 25.

Kenyans can check their details through two files located on the links below:



After the IEBC released the list most Kenyans complained that it was impossible to scrutinize a file with file one having 15152 pages while file 2 has 5266 pages with no specific categories. Some even suggested that IEBC should have grouped the names per counties to allow citizens to easily narrow down.

However, there is an easy and quicker way to check your details without having to go through all the pages.

Using a computer

  1. For those using their computers, the process is pretty much straight forward.

2. Open the file from the link

3. On your keyboard type ctrl +F

4. Enter your search term on the pop-up search area and use the up and down scroll icons to move from item to item.

5. You can be able to search based on Your Name, Constituency or County but it would be wise to narrow down your search using Polling Station.

Using a Mobile Phone

You can also verify the same using your mobile device, by opening the file and using the search function available on the top right of your screen.

Type your Search Term