Huawei Sanctions

US increases restrictions on Beijing Telecommunications company Huawei.

Donald Trump’s administration has placed additional constraints on Huawei technologies in a clear move of restricting the company access to US technology. The focus of these restrictions is to prevent Huawei from purchasing computer chips manufactured using US technology, or that were not particularly developed for Huawei. The US commerce department had in May of 2020 issued a demand for global chipmakers US technologies to first acquire licenses from the US government before working on the designs for their technologies…

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Airtel partners AWS

Airtel India teams up with Amazon cloud (AWS) for digital transformations across India.

Major Indian telecoms service provider has announced a strategic partnership with cloud services provider Amazon Web Services in delivering cloud solutions to its customers across India. The partnership will mainly feature Airtel Cloud features, the telecommunications company multi-cloud products and business solutions. Airtel Cloud will base on AWS cloud to come up with Airtel cloud products and services taking advantage of AWS services. Artel cloud will now provide its customers a number of AWS cloud services as part of the…

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WeChat downplays Trump executive order

WeChat parent company Tencent has downplayed president Trump’s proposed ban, believed to affect US operations. The social media application runs a similar application in China called Weixin that hopes not to be affected. Smartphone company Apple might be largely affected if developers restrict download of Chinese messaging apps.  However, Apple still has a production company in China which might lead to the company designing specific phones for the Chinese market different to those meant for the European market. TikTok could…

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Toshiba ends 35 – year laptop production

Japanese Tech company Toshiba has disposed its stake in Dynabook. This means the company can no longer make laptops or personal computers. Technology company Sharp acquired 80% of Toshiba’s holdings back in 2018 and has now acquired the remaining 20% shares. Toshiba launched its T11OO in 1985, launched initially in Europe with target sales of 10,000 units annually as reported on Toshiba website. Toshiba sold close to 17 million laptops in 2011 but saw a reduction by almost 16 million…

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adjusting journal entries

Adjusting Journal entries in Accounting.

Within the accounting process, many economic activities exist which might not instantly call for the recording of the transaction. These transactions are catered for through adjusting entries which act to stand for the revenues and expenses within the accounting period that they resulted. There are two instances of adjusting entries first deferrals in this case it keeps expenses and revenues which might have been recorded but then need to be deferred to some other period. For instance deference of some…

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Uniforms at workplaces

Uniforms at workplace

In the 21st century, uniforms have formed a critical part of business in most organizations. The logic behind this is that uniforms are helpful both in maintaining discipline and branding the business. Currently, most organizations accept all kinds of dressing mainly due to religious affiliations some of which demand women to dress in a certain way. This freedom has been the culture around most businesses but for the few that have tried uniforms, they have benefited greatly. Uniforms establish in…

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China’s Economic Might

China socialist market economy is considered to be the world’s second largest when measured in the scale of growth domestic product (GDP) after the United States of America, and it is the world largest economy by purchasing power parity (PPP) according to the data recorded by the International Monetary Fund. After the abolishment of socio-economic non-interference into global activities by the early Chinese government in the 1980s, China has emerged to be a new global power within the international system.…

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Communication in Business

Communication is the ideal process of conveying a message, sign or signal to an intended party through the use of mutual understanding procedures with an aim for the recipient to interpret and come up with a viable feedback for the intended message. Communication as a process is an important concept within organizational settings, as it facilitates a smooth understanding and creates a cordial relationship among colleagues within an organisation. Business involves the provision of products and services by a firm,…

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The impacts of macroeconomic factors on money supply

Macroeconomics is simply the study of economics from a broader perspective. For example, instead of focusing on the economics of a specific company, macroeconomics would focus on the entire state economy. Monetary policy and inflation go hand in hand, though monetary policy can be helpful in reducing the effect of inflation. Inflation can simply be defined as the increase in prices and salaries that bring down the purchasing power of currency. Monetary policy on the other hand is the regulation…

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Car Insuarance

Finding an insurance cover for your motor-vehicle.

Often you are faced with challenges when looking for a new insurance service for your motor vehicle. Depending on your income and plans on using a car you may opt for a monthly paid insurance or opt for an annual plan. Nevertheless, most people do not know what to look for when doing this, and just rush to service providers around their neighborhoods, closer to where they purchased their motor vehicle or through recommendations from dealers, friends or family. Below…

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Sonko Malong: An Economics Lesson to a Learned friend.

On Monday 30th March 2020, Kenyans were attracted to a free Economics lesson on Twitter By Dr. David Ndii to a City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir. In a post that elicited numerous reactions from Kenyans, The Doctor used common analogies enriched with economics theories to explain what earlier seemed so had to be understood by the Lawyer. Here is a preview of what the action was like

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Natural Gas

Blessings or trouble for Israel Natural Gas Discoveries.

For so many Decades, Israel has always been surrounded by Major Oil producers, often hostile to do business with. This forced Israel to look into better cheaper options to power its economy. Israel has been on the forefront with efforts towards Green energy and environmental protection. Israel has massively invested in Solar and Wind energy which has greatly helped it reduce the amount of Money spent on Oil Exports. However, that situation has changed perhaps at the right time, at…

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UAE Economy

The Contribution of Culture to the Growth of UAE’s Economy.

There is no doubt that the economy of United Arab Emirates is on the rise. United Arab Emirates is among the biggest oil producers globally. In spite of the international economic regression, the economy of United Arab Emirates has stood firm. Good prices of oil coupled with tourism sector resurgence have significantly contributed to the up-rise in the countries economy. Furthermore, the triumphant streamlining of the debt owed by rich companies, the spirit of solidarity within UAE and flexible fiscal…

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Best Cleaner for Bamboo Floors Reviews in 2019

We did in-depth market research and analysis on many vacuum cleaners for bamboo floors and found that LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 10-in-1is the best cleaner for bamboo floors. The vacuum is designed to leave your floor free of germs and bacteria. It is incredibly lightweight, and you can easily move it over the floor without leaving scratch or scuff marks. The steam mop makes cleaning easy for as it wets and dries the floor in seconds. The vacuum also allows for…

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Easter Gifts

Best present for my boyfriend’s parents

“What to get boyfriend’s parents for Easter” will definitely be among the top searches for most couples in the next few weeks. This is because the Easter season is fast approaching and with it comes the gifts expectations from your loved ones and you might already be thinking about the gifts you will get for your guy’s mom and dad. Lucky for you, we have some great Easter gift ideas for boyfriend’s parents to help you make an easy and…

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Derivatives and Swaps

A derivative is a contract between two or more parties whose value is based upon underlying financial assets or security. Some of the underlying assets include bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, market indexes and stocks. Common examples of derivatives include swaps, future contracts, forward contracts, options and warrants. Derivatives are used for speculating and hedging purposes. A swap therefore is an agreement between two parties (called counterparties) to exchange series of payments made periodically on settlement days over a certain…

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Top Fintech companies

Top Fintech Companies to watch in Kenya 2020

NLS Banking Solutions NLS is a financial technology company based in Nairobi Kenya that is widely known across the Banking Industry for innovative software solutions. Its widely known products include the Channel Manager which is a financial processing tool designed to offer 24/7 availability to customer digital channels, independent of the core banking system. This is a product that allows Banks to continue operating even when having challenges or making upgrades to the Core Banking system. NLS Banking Solutions is…

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Training needs assessment Strategies

The current working environment demands skilled employees to assist in carrying out sophisticated tasks in a cost-effective, efficient, and safe manner. Training an often performance improvement tool is required where employees are not meeting the expectations of their job positions performance standards. Such gaps in skillset levels can only be identified through comprehensive training needs exercise. A training needs assessment is a procedure that allows organizational members or employees to know their employee’s inadequacies so they can handle their responsibilities…

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How to get rich

How to get rich is a book written by Felix Dennis who is one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs informs readers that getting rich is not a simple task. When reading through the book, there are cases where one might get de-motivated and perhaps give up. But where one does not feel motivated, it’s an indication that you really will learn how to get rich. Felix Dennis recites his stories of troubles and hardships. He also highlights the importance of…

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