Oscar Sudi

Kapseret Member of Parliament Hon Oscar Sudi, yesterday came to the rescue of a widow Emily Jepkemei, whose land had been allegedly grabbed by a former Councilor at Wareng County Council, currently Uasin Gishu county.

The land in question belonged to East African Tanning Extract and seats just behind Eldoret International Airport in a village known as Chepyakwai under Kapseret Constituency. According to sources privy to the case, despite the land being sold to a number of people, the original land title had not been handed over, hence, shocking to learn that those claiming ownership to the land produced a title deed in court.

The Widow was forced out of her homestead and her property demolished under police supervision, the family was separated with children having to seek accommodation in friends and relatives houses. According to the MP, the claimants bribed their way into ownership of the land, and with the lady Widowed, she is a soft target for grabbers.

This comes as calls for corrupt judicial officers to be prosecuted intensifies, with the president agreeing with the calls by former Chief Justice and the former president on existence of a number of corrupt judicial officers who auction justice to the highest bidders.