The Impact of Violence on American Service Members through History

Actions of violence never lead to peace or security. Aggression always results in destruction, loss, frustration, pain and casualties. War is the eternal thirst for power, which is never enough. No matter what kind of conflict might be implied: civil, religious, or political one, the consequences are destructive for current and future generations. In American history, several conflicts have reflected in the consciousness, minds and hearts of the citizens. Some of these include World War II, Vietnam War as well…

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Black lives matter

BLM Sparks an increase in cases of Racial abuses in USA.

A lot has been said and experienced over the past four months since the murder of George Floyd by Derrick Chauvin. Black lives matter movements have become more prominent before but amidst all these calls for end of racism, a number of issues have come up that require genuine discussions in a bid to offer sort of a lasting solution to effects of racism. Politics too has played a major role especially with America set to go into elections later…

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Andrew Jackson

Best President of the Nineteenth Century

Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States of America.  Jackson was elected as President in 1829 and served for two terms until 1837. Although the nineteenth century had a number of presidents such as Martin Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson was the best among this selection. Jackson fought for common man, sought to preserve the Union, and fought corruption. Jackson was nicknamed king Mob because of his belief in fighting…

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An analysis of Last night by Sharon Old

The main theme in the poem is that of love, there is also some focus on sex as some sort of physical interaction that is void without love and emotion. The author of the poem highlights this using careful word choice as well as using the tine in the poem. From the audience perspective, they get to know how it feels to have sex without love. Words like afraid, love implies some unsure ambiguity to the sexual experiences that took…

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American History

American History

The United states was not a true democracy in 1800 because not all people had the right to vote leading to minorities and children to demonstrate against being denied to vote. The main questions settled by the civil war include the role of the Union, the rights of enslaved Americans and Abolishment of Slavery. The civil war brought America together such that it forced Americans on both sides to reconcile their trust and belief in humanity, it basically transformed America…

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13th amendment

Criticisms to the 13th amendment

The United States can in no way represent itself as the home of the brave and the land of the free given the high number of prisoners globally, with most of this prisoners being slaves from other countries. On the face of it, the writings may persuade one into believing that it is indeed a home for the brave and land of the free, but their actions and unwillingness to implement these amendment speaks differently. There was unwillingness by the…

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Conception of power

Experiencing a scream according to John Holloway is getting tired of the status quo, the oppression, the suffering and the daily struggle which seems not to end and which sets in sadness, bitterness, anger, horror and a refusal of the daily experience of exploitation and injustice. My scream is that of frustration caused by the rising cost of living in the face of rising unemployment among youth like me. The recent marches and protests against racism in major cities like…

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Canadian Culture

Located in the North-Eastern region of the North American continent, Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia in territorial size. It borders only one country: the United States of America to the South and touches three oceans: the Arctic, the Pacific and the Atlantic. Canada became an autonomous state in 1867, after its emancipation from UK. Its capital city is Ottawa and has a population size of over 34 Million people. National Differences in Political Economy…

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Slavery in America

Slavery in the United States started after colonialists first inhabited Virginia and remained there until the US constitution was amended.  From 1640 to around 1865, persons from African countries were enslaved in America. Slavery in America has always a matter that many believe as inhumane, brutal, and atrocious. Some years back slaves were compelled to forget all about being free and the life liberties that Americans at the moment take for granted.  It is clear that slaves did not receive…

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For over many years, men and states have been putting in place efforts to secure their freedom. Freedom is thus a precious situation without which individuals and the state cannot make any reasonable progress. Liberty is a phrase that has inspired people over the past to revolt and often the history of mankind is whole about liberty. French philosopher Rousseau just before the famous French revolution in 1789 declared that Humans are born free but is everywhere in chains. It…

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Luis Borges Jorge

Luis Borges Jorge

Luis Borges Jorge was born on 24th august 1899 in a place known as Buenos Aires Argentina. He passed on14th June 1986 in Geneva Switzerland. Could possibly be describes as an Argentine essayist, short fiction writer and a poet whose literacy works became great in the 20th century in the world of literature. He grew up in the formerly Shabby Buenos Aires district which actually formed the basis of some of his works. Luis family which was actually notable in…

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Political Life in the Ancient Roman Culture

The democratic approach as applied in the context of Rome is one that investigates the championing for democratic and social right of the Roman people/citizens. The adoption of democratic system of governance between different communities that eventually united to form Rome was not an easy process. Divergent views on the idea of democracy and independence resulted to conflicts between different groups that were either for or against the idea, though eventually the advocated democratic system of governance carried the day.…

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The renaissance is widely known as a period that marked the transition from middle ages to modernity as well as spanning 1th and 16th centuries. Contemporary believe that Renaissance was a break from the norm as opposed to most Historians who emphasize more on its medieval facets and believe it was simply an extension of the Middle ages.  The Renaissance was a consequence of a number of countless disasters that struck Europe including the great famine of 1315, Mongol invasions,…

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Analysis Of The Gettysburg Address

Analysis Of The Gettysburg Address

In the early days of the United States, loyalty to one’s state often took precedence over loyalty to one’s country. The Union was considered a “voluntary compact entered into by independent, sovereign states” for as long as it served their purpose to be so joined. Neither the North nor South had any strong sense permanence of the Union. As patterns of living diverged between North and South, their political ideas also developed marked differences. The North needed a central government…

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Outgoing Burundian President dies of Heart Attack.

The government of Burundi has announced the death of ex-President Pierre Nkurunziza, through a Twitter post on Tuesday afternoon, they attributed his death to Cardiac arrest. This happened just a week after the immediate former First Lady had to be airlifted to Nairobi Kenya for medical attention after allegedly contracting Covid 19. Nkurunziza has been in power since 2005, in 2015, On 15th May 2015, an attempted coup was orchestrated by Godefroid Niyombare against Nkurunziza as he was out of…

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Siaya county


Siaya Governor Rasanga and his Senator James Orengo was an imposed politician by ODM cannibals.The party in many cases doesn’t champ for democracy at all levels as it is coated. Kenyans especially Luos must get out of the mud, where they have been buried for soo long. Six-piece has been a slogan injected to almost every individual during electioneering time. Some of the contenders, who perhaps would have reinvigorated the development pillars were ousted and greased merely. A common term…

William Ruto ordained as a Kalenjin leader

The Kalenjin leadership regalia now under the custody of Deputy President Dr. William Ruto.

Baringo Elders have called Senator Gideon Moi to order warning him against masquerading as Kalenjin Kingpin. The warning by Tugen elders comes hours after Talai elders of the Nandi Community ardoned DP Ruto withh the sacred Kalenjin accession treasures that were taken back from Moi’s family 40 days after the burial of the former Kalenjin Kingpin The late Daniel Moi. These are sacred that only 3 people in Kalenjin have had the privilege to be the custodians – Koitalel Samoei,…

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William ruto

Who poisoned Kikuyu Residents?

Deputy President is Known to be one of the biggest Philanthropist In Kenya today. On Wednesdays May 21, He led the William Ruto foundation in distributing food to 600 struggling families as a result of the impending Corona Virus.  It is also an open secret that Ruto is the most fought Politician in Kenya today given his political strength and 2022, elections, Politicians have been known to do just anything that would make him loose some support especially in rift…

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Medina Politics

The Internal Politics of Medina

Muhammad at Medina is a book about early Islam authored by William Montgomery Watt, a Scottish historian and one of the foremost Islamic scholars in the West. Containing only 418 pages, the book was published by Oxford University press in 1956 as a sequel to the Watt’s 1953 volume: Muhammad at Mecca. Watt is highly revered in the Islamic world because jointly, his two books provide a history of the life of Muhammad and basically the origins of the Islamic…

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