A celebrity city Member of Parliament aspirant could be reconsidering his options. Word has it that he could be denied his party ticket in favor of his competitor who has been a long-standing loyal member of the party. The personality resigned from his lucrative job to try out his luck in politics, in a highly competitive constituency. The celebrity who commands a huge number of fans on his social media platforms is said to have mobilized his supporters to protest both around the constituency and on social media platforms. It however, remains unclear whether nominations will happen in the coming week for the post or the party will proceed with direct nominations. Nevertheless, the personality indicated that he has a plan B option just in case he does not make it to parliament.

Direct tickets have been embraced in most political parties, particularly in situations where certain candidates are thought to offer more to the party on aspects such as Gender balance, popularity and influence. Disgruntled contestants have often shifted to other parties, vied independently or supported party decisions with the hope of getting nominations after. However, for the celebrity, he remain very optimistic that he must be elected to the seat by all means, this can only happen by getting his parties ticket.

Over the past decade, there has been an increase of celebrities seeking representative positions with close to five making it successfully to the current parliament. Most of those elected being youthful have given mixed reactions, with some being total failures while some outperforming seasoned politicians in terms of service delivery and representation.


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