How to stay calm when stressed

The study of the structure of the human brain as well as its functioning have been great research topics over the past decade. Many specialists and researchers have undertaken a lot of studies on the aspect of controlling the brain functions via conscious efforts. Stress is a critical causative issue, which has been a major problem for millions of human beings across the globe. Scientists and neurobiologists have come up with several strategies to handle stress. Nevertheless, Daniel Levitin a…

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Tourism in UAE

How are Emirati filmmakers portraying UAE?

UAE has witnessed a lot of talent over the past decade which is pushing the boundaries through stories from real life experiences. There are more bold and daring narratives on various screens around UAE by filmmakers such as the Honey Rain and dust documentary and the Mamsous documentary. There seems to be calls for UAE to be more accommodative as opposed to being judgmental or underestimating other communities as evident in the film A night in a Taxi by Aisha…

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Trade of human organs

Sale or Trade of Human Organs

When someone very close to you faces a death situation, one would try all ways possible to avert such an occurrence. But then we have hundreds of people who loose their lives on daily basis because of lack of organ transplants. Thousands of persons also require live saving transplant of organs, the problem is that the waiting list is quite long. Legalizing the sale of human organs shall enable patients to search for matching organs, possibly saving them from death…

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Causes symptoms and mechanism of Trisomy X

 Despite the fact that Trisomy X is a genetic syndrome, it is in most cases not inherited and is usually caused by a genetic error. Usually human beings have forty six chromosomes within each cell, structured into twenty three pairs that factors in 2 sex chromosomes. One group of chromosomes emanates from the mother while the other group is from the father. Such chromosomes then contain genes that bear instructions which dictate everything from eye color to height. The XX…

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This is a new way of cleaning toxic waste through the use of bacteria found within nature so as to convert the toxic substances to much safer substances. In some instances, bacteria can be engineered genetically to terminate the toxic waste. Normally the bacteria is sprayed onto toxic chemicals on some ground surface, on in some circumstances the bacteria is released via a well into an aquifer. The bacteria is then spread and where they find any toxic substances, they…

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What is health care?

Health care, health-care, or health care is the maintenance or improvement of health and wellness through the avoidance, medical diagnosis, therapy, recuperation, or cure of disease, health problem, injury, and also various other physical and psychological impairments in people. Health care is provided by wellness specialists in allied wellness fields. Physicians as well as medical professional associates belong of these health professionals. Dentistry, pharmacy, midwifery, nursing, medication, optometry, audiology, psychology, work-related therapy, physical treatment, sports training and also various other…

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Linear no threshold model

Linear No Threshold Model

The Linear No-Threshold model has been used in applying low dose rate ionizing radiation for close to seven decades, however, it lacks a reasonable scientific basis and as such can be treated as an assumption. Nevertheless, the assumption remains as the standard basis of radiation protection and forms the foundation of radiation laws as well as public policy. This implies that radiation protection regulations are subjugated by a paradigm founded on an assumption that has no empirical foundation. The radiation…

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Approaches to treating psychological disorders

AUTISM Autism, or autism spectrum disorder is a condition that comprises restricted interest and behavior patterns and a significant delay in social interactions, developmental communication. It makes children have difficulty during communication. Autism has no cure, but treatment is based on therapies and other approved treatment forms. Treatment of symptoms is majorly based on psychosocial therapies to assist in symptom alleviation. Some of the therapies include;  Behavioral therapy involves different types of therapies that are used to identify behaviors in…

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Corona Virus

Kenyan Coronavirus trends depict a worsening situation

The government may soon be reporting over 100 cases of new Corona infections and enforcing more stringent actions if urgent measures are not taken. Cases have been on the increase with 80 cases being reported in a single day the highest so far. Areas previously considered as hotspots which include Eastleigh have shown positive improvements. Nevertheless, estates that were safe before are turning out as hotspots with areas such as Kibra reporting over 20 cases within two days. In a…

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Applying sociological perspectives in health and social care

The concept of unequal society Across most societies, there are things that make it unequal. This implies that the society encounters some challenges as a result of specific aspects that make it not equal due to beliefs, perceptions and attitudes being expressed and leading to conflicts. Possible causes include some people perceiving themselves as of better social status than others. Those in the receiving end could be subjects of prejudice where there is a set of attitudes towards specific ethnic…

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Manitoba’s Water Crisis: An Issue in Social Ethics

Water reserves within Manitoba have transitioned through the worst tribulations in Canada: 6 percent of all homesteads within the province do not have any water reserves. There has been so much attention in recent times for the Canadian media together with a Liberal debate within the house of commons which led the Minister in charge of Aboriginal affairs to state that five point five million would be spend by the government to aid better infrastructure within the 4 communities that…

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Panic in Nairobi as a patient that tested positive for COVID 19 escapes and interacts with 85 others.

Scanty details emerging from the capital of Kenya indicates that a patient in isolation at the National quarantine facility Mbaghati escaped and interacted with 85 others. The lady has since been found and taken back to the isolation facility. Health personal and security authorities are in the process of identifying the persons that she interacted it for potential quarantine in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. “Be safe from Coronavirus “ It remains unclear under what…

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black mamba

Black Mamba kills a man in Baringo due to lack of Emergency Services.

SNAKE COUNTY. Baringo County is currently the most dangerous place to stay in Kenya. This is because all dangerous snakes have migrated to this region. Over 50 pythons have been reported seen in Mogotio and Marigat constituencies between 2019 Jan & 2020 March. The huge pythons with over 50kgs each have caused lots of losses to farmers by swallowing their goats, cows, chicken etc. Black mambas are now the worry that is causing deaths in this county. Cobras also have…

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Chinese flight

Clueless Africa amidst increasing spread of Corona Virus.

On February 13 2020, Kenyan students trapped in Corona Virus stricken City of Wuhan China issued a rallying call to be evacuated. A few days later, the Kenyan ambassador to China Sara Serem, emotionally pleaded to pray for the Kenyans as she seemed clueless and defenseless on whether or not the Kenyan Government had any plans to evacuate them or at the very least worried about the lives of its citizens abroad. The same week, Kenyans woke up to claims…

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Hitches of Patient confidentiality in the networked computer age

Here the benches are full of patients lining in faintly lit hallways, the floors are clouded with red dust footprints tracked in by patients from the surrounding communities in Uasin Gishu to reach health service providers. The doors to offices, counseling rooms and clinical rooms are open and if you peer into the rooms you can have a view of counselors and doctors at work attending to the patients. At first, though you would think that privacy is non-existent, perhaps…

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Robots in Japanese Hospitals

Following stiff competition in the manufacture of machines from the other high performing Asia economies like South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, Japan shifted focus to high precision items like robotics and optics. The robotics industry is indispensable in Japan than any other country in the globe. This industry provides employment opportunities to more than a quarter million industrial robot employees. It is anticipated that in the subsequent 15 years, the number will grow exponentially to over a million workers, and…

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How positive psychology affects a college athlete

Positive psychology is an outcome of the desire to scientifically explore positive aspects of human life. The positive psychology theory has come a long way over years and with research it has unearthed building blocks of well-being and happiness. For instance, Martin Seligman found out that the degree to which people used their strengths largely impacted on the quality of lives. Physical activity or sports involves bodily movement and is carried out persistently. Increased sporting activity has been associated to…

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