This captures information about health habits, new diseases, spread of viruses and bacteria, medical research, doctor efforts, and strategies to reduce disease caused mortality across the world.

Abortion should be Banned


Abortion is the process of terminating pregnancy before its due time leading to a still birth. In the recent years, many nations are on quest of legalizing abortions for different reasons. With the increasing number of teenage pregnancies today, cases of abortions are on the rise. Many support this viceContinue Reading

Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaner Spray

Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaner Spray, Lemon Verbena, 16 fl. oz


Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaner Spray is a modern natural cleaning agent, specifically tailored for cleaning soft surfaces such as Countertops, Tiles and Stone surfaces. Personally, am not easily swayed by reviews or ecommerce sites hype of products, but this was definitely a good choice, definitely to a friend who boughtContinue Reading

Larry King

Larry King: Legendary Talk Show hosts passes on.


Larry King Seasoned CNN host who later became an icon through his informative interviews with several newsmakers has passed on at 87. Larry King worked with CNN for over 25 years interviewing celebrities, presidential candidates, movie stars, athletes, and everyday people. He retired in 2010 after taping over 6,000 episodesContinue Reading

Australian Man eats a Bat

Uproar as Australian Man Eats Bat Sandwich in an advert.


A visual advertisement from Australian outdoor equipment company “Boating Fishing Store’ has been viewed more than 300, 000 times on YouTube.  Within the advert, the Caucasian male jokes that the Covid 19 pandemic is a result of someone eating a bat. This part of the entire conspiracy theories that tryContinue Reading


Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine trial success.


Pfizer and accomplice BioNTech said Monday that their vaccine against Covid-19 was unequivocally powerful, surpassing desires with results that are probably going to be met with careful energy and alleviation despite the worldwide pandemic. The immunization is the first to be tried in the United States to create late-stage information.Continue Reading


HACCP in the food industry


HACCP is standard that has been adopted across the world in food industries and is the foundation for federal food inspection within the United States. The practical prevention based is founded on science. The body focuses on control and prevention of food safety threats which are normally in three categories namely physical, biological and chemical hazards.Continue Reading

How to stay calm when stressed


The study of the structure of the human brain as well as its functioning have been great research topics over the past decade. Many specialists and researchers have undertaken a lot of studies on the aspect of controlling the brain functions via conscious efforts. Stress is a critical causative issue,Continue Reading

Tourism in UAE

How are Emirati filmmakers portraying UAE?


UAE has witnessed a lot of talent over the past decade which is pushing the boundaries through stories from real life experiences. There are more bold and daring narratives on various screens around UAE by filmmakers such as the Honey Rain and dust documentary and the Mamsous documentary. There seemsContinue Reading

Trade of human organs

Sale or Trade of Human Organs


When someone very close to you faces a death situation, one would try all ways possible to avert such an occurrence. But then we have hundreds of people who loose their lives on daily basis because of lack of organ transplants. Thousands of persons also require live saving transplant ofContinue Reading

Causes symptoms and mechanism of Trisomy X


 Despite the fact that Trisomy X is a genetic syndrome, it is in most cases not inherited and is usually caused by a genetic error. Usually human beings have forty six chromosomes within each cell, structured into twenty three pairs that factors in 2 sex chromosomes. One group of chromosomesContinue Reading




This is a new way of cleaning toxic waste through the use of bacteria found within nature so as to convert the toxic substances to much safer substances. In some instances, bacteria can be engineered genetically to terminate the toxic waste. Normally the bacteria is sprayed onto toxic chemicals onContinue Reading

What is health care?


Health care, health-care, or health care is the maintenance or improvement of health and wellness through the avoidance, medical diagnosis, therapy, recuperation, or cure of disease, health problem, injury, and also various other physical and psychological impairments in people. Health care is provided by wellness specialists in allied wellness fields.Continue Reading

Linear no threshold model

Linear No Threshold Model


The Linear No-Threshold model has been used in applying low dose rate ionizing radiation for close to seven decades, however, it lacks a reasonable scientific basis and as such can be treated as an assumption. Nevertheless, the assumption remains as the standard basis of radiation protection and forms the foundationContinue Reading

Approaches to treating psychological disorders


AUTISM Autism, or autism spectrum disorder is a condition that comprises restricted interest and behavior patterns and a significant delay in social interactions, developmental communication. It makes children have difficulty during communication. Autism has no cure, but treatment is based on therapies and other approved treatment forms. Treatment of symptomsContinue Reading

Corona Virus

Kenyan Coronavirus trends depict a worsening situation


The government may soon be reporting over 100 cases of new Corona infections and enforcing more stringent actions if urgent measures are not taken. Cases have been on the increase with 80 cases being reported in a single day the highest so far. Areas previously considered as hotspots which includeContinue Reading