George Floyd

Concerted efforts by the American Law enforcement system to suppress the rights of Black Americans.

The murder of George Floyd on live camera to many white Americans is just another unfortunate occurrence almost a normal casualty within society. But to the many Black Americans, it reflects a series of events and historic injustices to its people by agencies created to protect them and society in general.  There could be no worse time for Black Americans who are in various law enforcement agencies around the United States as now, how do you for instance convince your…

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Fay tall-Know your artist

About Fay Tall Chepkemoi Soy Memo Faith who goes by the artist name Fay Tall “Vay Doll” is a First rising Kalenjin artist who initially began doing song covers in Kalenjin, but then diversified to collaborations with other artists as well as sang original songs. She is also a gifted events MC. Many of her fans love her not only for her music but for her comedy acts and philanthropic activities. Fay Tall was born on 3rd August 1995 in…

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William ruto

Who poisoned Kikuyu Residents?

Deputy President is Known to be one of the biggest Philanthropist In Kenya today. On Wednesdays May 21, He led the William Ruto foundation in distributing food to 600 struggling families as a result of the impending Corona Virus.  It is also an open secret that Ruto is the most fought Politician in Kenya today given his political strength and 2022, elections, Politicians have been known to do just anything that would make him loose some support especially in rift…

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Medina Politics

The Internal Politics of Medina

Muhammad at Medina is a book about early Islam authored by William Montgomery Watt, a Scottish historian and one of the foremost Islamic scholars in the West. Containing only 418 pages, the book was published by Oxford University press in 1956 as a sequel to the Watt’s 1953 volume: Muhammad at Mecca. Watt is highly revered in the Islamic world because jointly, his two books provide a history of the life of Muhammad and basically the origins of the Islamic…

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VPN client and Network address translation (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks are a common remote access technique in the world today. They allow internet service providers to give private tunnels via the public cloud to achieve productivity at the same time economize on costs from remote access services. A VPN is simply an extension of an organization’s intranet through a public network establishing a secure link via a private tunnel. A Network Address Translation on the other hand is a networking device that is essentially helpful in providing…

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Linear no threshold model

Linear No Threshold Model

The Linear No-Threshold model has been used in applying low dose rate ionizing radiation for close to seven decades, however, it lacks a reasonable scientific basis and as such can be treated as an assumption. Nevertheless, the assumption remains as the standard basis of radiation protection and forms the foundation of radiation laws as well as public policy. This implies that radiation protection regulations are subjugated by a paradigm founded on an assumption that has no empirical foundation. The radiation…

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Jerusalem City of Conflict

The connection of Judaism to Jerusalem and the modern state of Israel is a powerful and ancient one. Through Judaism, Jerusalem was made a holy city some years ago a period in which Jews have always remained dedicated to it. Most Jews pray facing Jerusalem and even mention it within their prayers. Furthermore, Jerusalem has an eminent role historically as the sole Jewish state Capital, Israel is the only country that has a Jewish majority. It thus symbolizes the purest…

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Approaches to treating psychological disorders

AUTISM Autism, or autism spectrum disorder is a condition that comprises restricted interest and behavior patterns and a significant delay in social interactions, developmental communication. It makes children have difficulty during communication. Autism has no cure, but treatment is based on therapies and other approved treatment forms. Treatment of symptoms is majorly based on psychosocial therapies to assist in symptom alleviation. Some of the therapies include;  Behavioral therapy involves different types of therapies that are used to identify behaviors in…

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Bullying in america

Cyberbullying and its effects

The Internet is one of the major technological inventions of the century; it propels communication, business, and international connections that promote multicultural interactions. Complaints about the internet include privacy concerns, pretenders, and criminals who take advantage of users. Con artists use the platform to pretend and earn money from unsuspecting victims. Though the Internet is beneficial to users, it predisposes them to personal and professional attacks; for example, bullies use these platforms to conduct individual and collective attacks on people.…

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Lana del rey

Lana Del Rey defends herself from backlash over a perceived racist Instagram post.

This week has probably not been good to Lana Del Ray as she was a subject of criticism for her comments on Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Camila, Ariana, Doja, Cat, Kehlani and Cardi B pertaining what she referred to as double standards in the music industry. Here is a preview of her Instagram posts Initially, Del Rey made a post on her Instagram denying allegations that her lyrics were anti-feminist or racists towards the female artists mentioned. She claimed that the…

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Corona Virus

Kenyan Coronavirus trends depict a worsening situation

The government may soon be reporting over 100 cases of new Corona infections and enforcing more stringent actions if urgent measures are not taken. Cases have been on the increase with 80 cases being reported in a single day the highest so far. Areas previously considered as hotspots which include Eastleigh have shown positive improvements. Nevertheless, estates that were safe before are turning out as hotspots with areas such as Kibra reporting over 20 cases within two days. In a…

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Ahmed Nassir

Grand Mullah Deconstructs Atwoli

The Grand Mullah, senior counsel Ahmed Nassir reduced COTU Secretary-General to almost nothing when he appeared on popular JKLive TV show on 20th May 2020 being interviewed by Jeff Koinange. The Name Atwoli emerged when Jeff possed a question to Mullah, Earlier on I was asking you about people like David Murathe, Francis Atwoli advising the president. Mullah said “  But let me ask you what advice can Atwoli give to the president, Atwoli is barely literate, what advice can…

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Harbor Freight 6 ton Jack Stands

Defective Heavy-duty Harbor Freight 6 ton Steel Jack Stands

Harbor Freight is a privately-owned leading manufacturer of power tools with a headquarters in California, it operates a range of retails stores across the United States as well as an e-commerce platform. The Harbor Freight Jack stands marketed as safe and Heavy duty might not be safe or functional after all. This is after the manufacturer recalled approximately 450, 000 Jacks bearing part number 61197. Based on customer complaints, there are numerous circumstances where the Jack fails to handle the…

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Your Guide to Fixing Your Campagnolo Levers

The Campagnolo levers present a few challenges that were not evident over the last two decades, this guide will focus on idiosyncrasies and small details of fixing the Campagnolo. In addition, it is important to know that Campagnolo levers are now in their fourth incarnation, so the guide will use the current model as mark lls. It is important to know the very detailed steps of fixing Campagnolo levers. This is because from time to time changes need to be…

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security 101: The Ultimate Guide To Protecting Your Business

What Is Cyber Security? Cybersecurity is the practice of ensuring security for computing systems involving hardware, software as well as networks. Effective cybersecurity minimizes the chances of cyber-attacks as well as shield against possible compromise of networks, systems, and technologies. Cybersecurity necessitates the coordination of efforts across an information system including network security, application security, and information security. Putting in place effective cybersecurity procedures is essentially complex today due to the increase in the number of electronic devices and innovation…

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Ethical considerations in Cloud Computing

The invention of cloud computing has given rise to several ethical issues. In essence, the cloud computing amounts to three considerations; Transfer of control from technology users to third parties servicing the cloud due to outsourcing and offshoring of ICT functionality to the cloud. Data storage in multiple physical locations across several servers across the world owned, managed, and administered by different organizations. The multiple service interconnection across the cloud. At the different levels, functionality and service are provided by…

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Information system security

The security of information systems is crucial to the performance of each and every company or organization. It is, therefore, the responsibility of each and every employee to ensure that the laid down procedures for protection and safety of the systems are adhered to with utmost care. Information systems security measures are implemented to ensure that both the integrity, confidentiality, authenticity, and availability of the data stored in the system is not compromised. A balanced approach is used to ensure…

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Cloud Computing options

Cloud computing Cloud computing encompasses different computing technologies that enable users to access and use advanced computing capabilities at small charges. Actually it is the state of the art utility computing.  Includes virtual servers, platform-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, and hardware as a service.  Cloud computing can be understood better when we focus on daily computing or information technology requirements. An example of such service is ensuring adequate computing capability without purchasing new information technology infrastructures such as hardware, software, or servers.  Most…

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E-Learning in UAE

Online learning is providing a range of choices and newfound flexibility that has enabled many people to access education from their comfort zones and when suitable. Previously, the traditional learning required that people walk physically into classrooms of these universities and sit-in for lectures. But now over 10,000 UAE students are taking full-time courses via the internet. Many women and girls, formerly discriminated by culture can now access education through their computers, tablets, or even tablets from their kitchens. Besides,…

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