Month: May 2020

Concerted efforts by the American Law enforcement system to suppress the rights of Black Americans.

The murder of George Floyd on live camera to many white Americans is just another unfortunate occurrence almost a normal casualty within society. But to the many Black Americans, it reflects a series of events and historic injustices to its people by agencies created to protect them and society in general.  There could be no […]

VPN client and Network address translation (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks are a common remote access technique in the world today. They allow internet service providers to give private tunnels via the public cloud to achieve productivity at the same time economize on costs from remote access services. A VPN is simply an extension of an organization’s intranet through a public network establishing […]

Approaches to treating psychological disorders

AUTISM Autism, or autism spectrum disorder is a condition that comprises restricted interest and behavior patterns and a significant delay in social interactions, developmental communication. It makes children have difficulty during communication. Autism has no cure, but treatment is based on therapies and other approved treatment forms. Treatment of symptoms is majorly based on psychosocial […]

Cyberbullying and its effects

The Internet is one of the major technological inventions of the century; it propels communication, business, and international connections that promote multicultural interactions. Complaints about the internet include privacy concerns, pretenders, and criminals who take advantage of users. Con artists use the platform to pretend and earn money from unsuspecting victims. Though the Internet is […]

Cyber Security Guide

This Cyber Security Guide is tailored for small-scaled and large-scaled organizations aiming to secure their IT resources from Cybersecurity threats. What Is Cyber Security? Cybersecurity is the practice of ensuring security for computing systems involving hardware, software as well as networks. This Cyber Security Guide provides a guideline to effective cybersecurity that minimizes the chances […]

Options for Cloud Computing in 2020.

Options for Cloud computing encompasses different computing technologies that enable users to access and use advanced computing capabilities at small charges. Actually it is the state of the art utility computing.  Includes virtual servers, platform-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, and hardware as a service.  Cloud computing can be understood better when we focus on daily computing or information […]

E-Learning in UAE

Online learning is providing a range of choices and newfound flexibility that has enabled many people to access education from their comfort zones and when suitable. Previously, the traditional learning required that people walk physically into classrooms of these universities and sit-in for lectures. But now over 10,000 UAE students are taking full-time courses via […]

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