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This captures information about health habits, new diseases, spread of viruses and bacteria, medical research, doctor efforts, and strategies to reduce disease caused mortality across the world.

Waterfall model

The virtual surgery project


Introduction The virtual surgery project is a code term for a multi-purpose surgery simulation software product that will assist surgeons in practicing basic mastoid surgery through a virtual environment. The product shall render skull CT scans enabling surgeons to study the virtual skull through the removal of bones via virtualContinue Reading

Applying sociological perspectives in health and social care


The concept of unequal society Across most societies, there are things that make it unequal. This implies that the society encounters some challenges as a result of specific aspects that make it not equal due to beliefs, perceptions and attitudes being expressed and leading to conflicts. Possible causes include someContinue Reading

Manitoba’s Water Crisis: An Issue in Social Ethics


Water reserves within Manitoba have transitioned through the worst tribulations in Canada: 6 percent of all homesteads within the province do not have any water reserves. There has been so much attention in recent times for the Canadian media together with a Liberal debate within the house of commons whichContinue Reading

Chinese flight

Clueless Africa amidst increasing spread of Corona Virus.


On February 13 2020, Kenyan students trapped in Corona Virus stricken City of Wuhan China issued a rallying call to be evacuated. A few days later, the Kenyan ambassador to China Sara Serem, emotionally pleaded to pray for the Kenyans as she seemed clueless and defenseless on whether or notContinue Reading

Robots in Japanese Hospitals


Following stiff competition in the manufacture of machines from the other high performing Asia economies like South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, Japan shifted focus to high precision items like robotics and optics. The robotics industry is indispensable in Japan than any other country in the globe. This industry provides employmentContinue Reading

How positive psychology affects a college athlete


Positive psychology is an outcome of the desire to scientifically explore positive aspects of human life. The positive psychology theory has come a long way over years and with research it has unearthed building blocks of well-being and happiness. For instance, Martin Seligman found out that the degree to whichContinue Reading

The social network

The social network-How our lives are affected


The social network has the potential to bring us closer to the online community, Share happiness memories, photos of all kinds, support cross-border communication, help to establish and maintain friendship and community management. However, it is obvious that we will link us with the power of social media, but areContinue Reading

Sugar side effects

Sugar side effects


Sugar side effects have been synonymous with a number of present day diseases including diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, tooth decay among others. Sugar is a short-chain, soluble carbohydrates composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, which are mainly found on tissues of most plants but are sufficient in concentrations in sugarcaneContinue Reading

Using average control chart to monitor turnaround time in a clinical laboratory.


The constant development of healthcare systems calls for understanding process variation. It is detrimental to eradicate extraneous process variation using all possible avenues, while uplifting adequately defined metric closer to their target values. Common instances of vital healthcare variables involve waiting times, lab turnaround times, medication errors, response times ofContinue Reading