March 2020

Sonko Malong: An Economics Lesson to a Learned friend.


On Monday 30th March 2020, Kenyans were attracted to a free Economics lesson on Twitter By Dr. David Ndii to a City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir. In a post that elicited numerous reactions from Kenyans, The Doctor used common analogies enriched with economics theories to explain what earlier seemed so hadContinue Reading

Applying sociological perspectives in health and social care


The concept of unequal society Across most societies, there are things that make it unequal. This implies that the society encounters some challenges as a result of specific aspects that make it not equal due to beliefs, perceptions and attitudes being expressed and leading to conflicts. Possible causes include someContinue Reading

Manitoba’s Water Crisis: An Issue in Social Ethics


Water reserves within Manitoba have transitioned through the worst tribulations in Canada: 6 percent of all homesteads within the province do not have any water reserves. There has been so much attention in recent times for the Canadian media together with a Liberal debate within the house of commons whichContinue Reading

Changing representation of female ghosts


            Ghost stories have been an eminent theme within the literature of Japan, when the exceptional social and economic scenarios emerged during the start of the Edo period around the 17th century, ghost stories imagery and motifs started gaining eminence, suddenly becoming a practical theme in the universe of Ukiyo-eContinue Reading

Use of Technology helping China curb Corona Virus spread.


Sophisticated technology is coming in handy in China with the spread of Coronavirus pandemic. Though it evokes privacy concerns, the current crisis has forced concerned parties to shelved such concerns in a bid to arrest the spread of the deadly virus. In Zhenghou for instance, AI Cameras have been placedContinue Reading

Class Segregation in Urban centers


From the time when urbanization started in European towns, segregation by political affiliation, class, or social status has always existed. In present day American towns, segregation is mostly with regard to race or class. There are several causes of segregation in urban areas; when cities were beginning to grow inContinue Reading

Kenya vs South Africa

Kenya Vs South Africa


On Monday afternoon, Kenyans on Twitter once again dismantled South Africans in a twitter war that generated over 8000 tweets within an hr. Kenyans on Twitter have been known to Unite against other nations in a bid to proof who rules twitter. Kenyans have previously taken on Uganda, Tanzania, NigeriaContinue Reading

Natural Gas

Blessings or trouble for Israel Natural Gas Discoveries.


For so many Decades, Israel has always been surrounded by Major Oil producers, often hostile to do business with. This forced Israel to look into better cheaper options to power its economy. Israel has been on the forefront with efforts towards Green energy and environmental protection. Israel has massively investedContinue Reading

Traits and attributes of various architects


Francesco Borromini an Italian Architect was very passionate and inspired in his works. Despite his troubles that almost led him to commit suicide, he still produced the world’s most creative drawings in the 21st century. His passion shaped his career such that he never was contended with himself and alwaysContinue Reading

Tony Opondo Onyango

Kenya Sevens Rugby Player collapses and dies.


Top Shujaa and KCB Rugby Club play Tony Onyango Opondo has passed on. Preliminary reports indicate that Tony collapsed and passed on in his Home in Ngong within the outskirts of Nairobi on the night of 3rd March 2020. Tony an Alumni of Maseno school rose the ranks in theContinue Reading

The Jewish Revolt


The Jewish rebelled against the city of Rome. Thousands of the Jews population in 66AD rioted and kicked out the minor Roman strongholds based in the city of Jerusalem. Gallas Centius, who was by then an emperor of Rome in the neighboring country Syria, deployed a huge battalion of solders.Continue Reading

The Verdict


The legal system seems to produce two types of lawyers, bad lawyers and good ones. As I always thought there is a lot of foul play in the legal system and smart and cruel lawyers always have their success in court disregarding real justice. It is important for a defenseContinue Reading

Mass Media Bias


Media biasness It’s clear that indeed the media is biased on some instances. The manner in which they portray certain candidates during campaigns and formulate events in a manner that influence the way in which voters casts their votes. Reporting of events and issues surrounding those in power is alsoContinue Reading

Endangered species of animals


An endangered species refers to a plant or animal that exists in very small numbers and is on the verge of becoming wiped out from existence. Across the world, there are many animals like the mammals, birds, reptiles among other species that are currently facing extinction. Virtually every country isContinue Reading

The Art Of War By Sun Tzu


Many businesses struggled to gain competitive advantages over their competitors. Businesses that established formidable and competitive advantage succeeded. Competition basically revolved around advantage. The objective of information technology was competitiveness; offered a rich resource for the establishment, sustaining and creation of a competitive advantage for a business. Expense reduction, quickContinue Reading

Morning in Jenin

Mornings in Jenin Review


Morning in Jenin is a heart touching story narrative about the lives of Palestinians. It reveals much about family, love, loss of close to everything so dear to the people of Palestine, the native call to their motherland still vivid within their minds and calls to their heritage. For overContinue Reading

The Ukranian Crisis


As the crisis in Ukraine escalates, the European Union and the United States continue to threaten Russia with sanctions on its officials. However, this has stopped for a while due to the anticipated economic calamities. Economic sanctions usually are very powerful in obtaining leverage over some other nation. In theContinue Reading