Vacuum cleaner

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Ceramic Tile Floors.

We did deep market research and analyzed different vacuum cleaners for ceramic tile floors and came up with BISSELL Symphony 1132A as the best vacuum cleaner for ceramic tile floors. The vacuum has the highest rating because it vacuums and steams the floor at the same time leaving you with a clean, sanitized floor. The vacuum has easy touch control handles and  5-way adjustable handle for quick and efficient use and a dry tank technology that ensures that the tank…

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Chinese flight

Clueless Africa amidst increasing spread of Corona Virus.

On February 13 2020, Kenyan students trapped in Corona Virus stricken City of Wuhan China issued a rallying call to be evacuated. A few days later, the Kenyan ambassador to China Sara Serem, emotionally pleaded to pray for the Kenyans as she seemed clueless and defenseless on whether or not the Kenyan Government had any plans to evacuate them or at the very least worried about the lives of its citizens abroad. The same week, Kenyans woke up to claims…

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Best Cleaner for Bamboo Floors Reviews in 2019

We did in-depth market research and analysis on many vacuum cleaners for bamboo floors and found that LIGHT ‘N’ EASY 10-in-1is the best cleaner for bamboo floors. The vacuum is designed to leave your floor free of germs and bacteria. It is incredibly lightweight, and you can easily move it over the floor without leaving scratch or scuff marks. The steam mop makes cleaning easy for as it wets and dries the floor in seconds. The vacuum also allows for…

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Best Vacuum for Marble Floors Reviews in 2019

We did research and analyzed vacuum cleaners to determine which one works best on marble floors. We looked at three different models vacuums for marble floors and came up with Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055 as the best vacuum for marble floors. The vacuum has high ratings because it has powerful suction that leaves your house perfectly clean. It is easy to use and works smoothly on marble floors. Besides, Electrolux Ergorapido EL2055 can stand on its own. You can also clean…

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Easter Gifts

Best present for my boyfriend’s parents

“What to get boyfriend’s parents for Easter” will definitely be among the top searches for most couples in the next few weeks. This is because the Easter season is fast approaching and with it comes the gifts expectations from your loved ones and you might already be thinking about the gifts you will get for your guy’s mom and dad. Lucky for you, we have some great Easter gift ideas for boyfriend’s parents to help you make an easy and…

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Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage, Black

Best mouse pet cages

Introduction Many people dream of owning mice as their pets, but they are afraid because they are a lot smaller than other rodents. Mice are cute furry little creatures that would provide great company if well taken care of. Like other rodents, mice require cages that are spacious because they love climbing and running around. Unlike for the bigger rodents, however, mice can easily squeeze through even the smallest of spaces and therefore need cages that have very narrow spaces…

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Derivatives and Swaps

A derivative is a contract between two or more parties whose value is based upon underlying financial assets or security. Some of the underlying assets include bonds, commodities, currencies, interest rates, market indexes and stocks. Common examples of derivatives include swaps, future contracts, forward contracts, options and warrants. Derivatives are used for speculating and hedging purposes. A swap therefore is an agreement between two parties (called counterparties) to exchange series of payments made periodically on settlement days over a certain…

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The Wild Geese Mercenary is dead

Michael Hoare widely known as Mad Mike has passed on in a South African care facility. Believed to be a merciless mercenary, Michael was born in India and played a major role in the 1960s Congo campaigns. In 1981 he received a jail term for his alleged roles in Seychelles attempted coup. Michael served initially as a British Army major during the World War II, he started working as an accountant operating a number of businesses around south Africa. He…

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