Donald B. Kipkorir, a highly respected city lawyer, is currently in a state of mourning following the passing of his mother, Katarina. The lawyer revealed that his mother took her last breath in India, where she had been taken for medical treatment.

Katarina exhibited immense courage throughout her prolonged battle with cancer, with her son expressing admiration for her ability to endure excruciating pain without shedding a tear. In a heartfelt tribute shared on Twitter, Kipkorir announced that his mother passed away on Saturday, finding solace in the belief that she now rests in the comforting embrace of Abraham.

In his message, Kipkorir honored his mother’s unwavering strength and devotion to God in the face of such adversity. He expressed deep gratitude to God for blessing him with a mother like Katarina, and he expressed the hope that she would find eternal peace and tranquility in the heavens.

Earlier this month, the lawyer had shared an update with his followers on social media, informing them that he was taking his ailing mother to India for medical treatment. Accompanied by a photo taken during their journey, Kipkorir expressed his optimism and faith, seeking solace in the commandment to honor one’s parents and emphasizing the blessings associated with fulfilling this duty.

Throughout his heartfelt posts, the lawyer’s love and concern for his mother shone through, as he fervently prayed for her relief and healing. With the hope that the best oncologists in India would provide respite, Kipkorir called upon the heavens to listen to their prayers and grant his beloved mother the comfort and recovery she so deserved.

In this time of mourning, Donald B. Kipkorir and his family find strength in their cherished memories of Katarina and the profound impact she made on their lives.