Month: June 2020

Handling of a company’s encryption keys

 Data loss is common news lately, it is also becoming a norm to hear about organizations losing very sensitive data. According to Privacy rights clearinghouse, more than nine hundred data loss incidents were reported publicly between January 2005 and February 2008 which lead to disclosure of sensitive data relating to over two hundred and eighteen […]


The renaissance is widely known as a period that marked the transition from middle ages to modernity as well as spanning 1th and 16th centuries. Contemporary believe that Renaissance was a break from the norm as opposed to most Historians who emphasize more on its medieval facets and believe it was simply an extension of […]


This is a new way of cleaning toxic waste through the use of bacteria found within nature so as to convert the toxic substances to much safer substances. In some instances, bacteria can be engineered genetically to terminate the toxic waste. Normally the bacteria is sprayed onto toxic chemicals on some ground surface, on in […]

How the belle époque is an important part of the story of the making of Paris

There is certainly much more to the modern day Paris than wine and fashion. The Belle Époque is one historical event that shaped Paris, leading to the establishment of one of the most superb metropolitan cities famous for its knowledge, creativity and innovation. It was simply an outburst of cultural innovation, optimism and artistic endeavors. […]

New methods for choosing optimal ATM locations by using GIS

The always rising competition within the Banking and financial sectors to gain some competitive edge is being witnessed across the globe. The success of this industry mainly relies on the power of the industry to establish a larger customer base and dispense market based services. As a solution, these industry has adopted several methodologies one […]

Data Center Security Policy: Protection from Persistent Threats.

Data Center Security policy is a range of technologies and practices adopted in order to safeguard a Data Center’s physical infrastructure, network systems, and internal assets from internal and external threats. Purpose Today we experience advanced attacks on organizations’ data center assets that are more serious, sophisticated, and extensive. Recently, advances in information technology facilities […]

Electronic Art Announce the Return of Skate series (Skate 4).

Legendary Franchise Electronic Arts just gave a hint that Skate 4 would perhaps be released soon. The company halted the Skate series production after Skate 3 in 2010 leaving its fans always begging for continuation. during the Electronic Arts Play showcase, they announced that the Skate series will be continued with the release of Skate […]

Identify a specific program of intervention offered by your practicum site and imagine that you have been tasked with expanding this intervention

In fact, adding only a modest amount of physical activity to your weekly routine can have a profound impact on your mental and emotional health. For example, you can improve your skills, which can have a strong impact on the success of your life by influencing your earning potential. Understanding why some people are physically […]

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