Abortion is the process of terminating pregnancy before its due time leading to a still birth. In the recent years, many nations are on quest of legalizing abortions for different reasons. With the increasing number of teenage pregnancies today, cases of abortions are on the rise. Many support this vice arguing that early pregnancies deny these teenagers from achieving their dreams and continuing with their education. Whereas there are situations leading to pregnancies which may seem legit to permit abortions such as rape and dangers to both the baby and the mother, advancements in medical research and technology have been made to safeguard mothers and children reducing pregnancy related risks that prompt abortion.

Human life is precious and sacred, and this is congruent to religious, ethical and moral standings of many societies in the world. An article by the BBC adds that all humans also have a unique genetic code, hence life should be preserved. Murders in the society are frowned upon as they rob the society of their members denying them a chance to live and make the society better. Ironically, some of these people who criminalize murders are on the forefront in support of abortions with no consideration on the innocent life that is about to be ended. They forget that life begins at conception in mother’s womb and only consider a fetus as a person after it is fully grown to be born as a baby. Since life begins at conception, abortion is murder.

Doctors admit that there is no guarantee of safety in abortions. For this reason, those going for pregnancy terminations have to sign forms giving consent and accepting the risks that follow thereafter. This implies that the risk facing a mother opting for an abortion is greater than if she chooses to keep the pregnancy to maturity and deliver a baby. Many women have lost their lives while undergoing the process as a result of complications or infections thereafter as they did not realize the severity of the infections until it was too late. These cases are common with  women with lower immunity levels or untreated cases of chlamydia or gonorrhea.  Some of those who undergo abortions with these conditions may successfully terminate the pregnancy have a risk of asymptomatic infections on the uteruses, fallopian tubes or permanent damages to their wombs  preventing them from getting pregnant in future.

Aside from the physical risks and ethical consequences of ending human life discussed above,  the guilt of ending life are likely to stick on the majority of the women for the rest of their lives. The psychological scars are likely to be worse when these women realize that they cannot conceive again as a result of damaged wombs as a result of termination of pregnancies that occurred at an earlier phase of their lives. Consequently, some women have ended their lives as they could not walk around with the guilt destroying them psychologically. Others have embraced drug and substance abuse to drown their sorrows and hide their guilt and have deviated from their life goals of making themselves and the society better.   An article titled Long-Term Physical And Psychological Health Consequences Of Induced Abortion: Review Of The Evidence says that “abortion may cause psychological problems such as smoking, drug abuse, eating disorder, depression, attempted suicide, guilt, regret, nightmare and decreased self-esteem.

From the discussion above, it is evident that abortions pose more harm than good and should therefore be banned. The society should instead advocate for safer solutions like encouraging adoptions especially in the cases of teen pregnancies or conceptions resulting from rape. They should also accept victims of these unfortunate instances and educate teenagers on safe sex and provide counseling for rape victims and embrace them instead of shaming them. Extensive researches should also be conducted pregnancies that threaten the lives of both the baby and the mother to ensure that all lives are preserved and that every human is given a chance to live and achieve their dreams for the betterment of the society.