Security via HTTPS

Security through SSL & HTTPS

Hyper text transfer protocols via socket shell layer is the application of secure socket layer and transport layer security to act as a mini layer below the normal hypertext transfer protocol layering. Its encryption and decryption is according to requests by use pages together with the returned pages by the web server. The application of HTTPS offers security against attacks like man in the middle together with eavesdropping. The efficiency of HTTPS can however, be hindered by vague server or…

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Ten most profitable crops

“Farmer makes KSh 1,000,000 from an acre of onions!” We are not new to such headlines. The articles then go ahead to give attractive yields and market prices, building a very good case of numbers that then see Kenyans break the bank for cash to invest. Barely hours after the article debuts, social media is awash with inquiries from the eager would be investors: “I’m looking for two acres along a permanent river to lease….”“What is the best seed variety…

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Software quality

Project Management and Software Quality

The concept behind project management and software quality assurance is very important in software development. In essence any software project done without focus to the two concepts above is not consider to be a project but a mock up project. To achieve the desired results of a project, the project must focus on the resources, duration allocated and availability of the inputs. The entire requirements cannot be managed effectively without the use of project management techniques. It is also important…

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Black lives matter

BLM Sparks an increase in cases of Racial abuses in USA.

A lot has been said and experienced over the past four months since the murder of George Floyd by Derrick Chauvin. Black lives matter movements have become more prominent before but amidst all these calls for end of racism, a number of issues have come up that require genuine discussions in a bid to offer sort of a lasting solution to effects of racism. Politics too has played a major role especially with America set to go into elections later…

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adjusting journal entries

Adjusting Journal entries in Accounting.

Within the accounting process, many economic activities exist which might not instantly call for the recording of the transaction. These transactions are catered for through adjusting entries which act to stand for the revenues and expenses within the accounting period that they resulted. There are two instances of adjusting entries first deferrals in this case it keeps expenses and revenues which might have been recorded but then need to be deferred to some other period. For instance deference of some…

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Uniforms at workplaces

Uniforms at workplace

In the 21st century, uniforms have formed a critical part of business in most organizations. The logic behind this is that uniforms are helpful both in maintaining discipline and branding the business. Currently, most organizations accept all kinds of dressing mainly due to religious affiliations some of which demand women to dress in a certain way. This freedom has been the culture around most businesses but for the few that have tried uniforms, they have benefited greatly. Uniforms establish in…

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Andrew Jackson

Best President of the Nineteenth Century

Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States of America.  Jackson was elected as President in 1829 and served for two terms until 1837. Although the nineteenth century had a number of presidents such as Martin Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson was the best among this selection. Jackson fought for common man, sought to preserve the Union, and fought corruption. Jackson was nicknamed king Mob because of his belief in fighting…

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Browsing vs. searching the web

The introduction of the internet has generated a wealth of useful information available to millions of people across the globe. With the increased online services popularity, many internet users have access to more information as opposed to previous times, similarly such information is growing exponentially. Persons seeking to benefit from this information essentially have two intentions.

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Facebook Fiber spinning Bombyx robot review

Facebook has been hitting the headlines since 2007, it has previously focused itself in Social chatrooms including Facebook itself, WhatsApp and Instagram. As competitors around the technology space began diversifying, Facebook also built Libra a global payment system founded on cryptocurrency as a way of providing competition to Bitcoin which so far is the market leader in cryptocurrency.

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The Salem witch trials

The Salem witch trials happened during the colonial Massachusetts in 1962. Approximately two hundred people were faced with charges of practicing witchcraft and twenty of them executed. The trials were certainly full of uncertainty and controversy. Close to one hundred people were found guilty on these charges. Prior to these, the Puritan residents had migrated from their homes fleeing from religious persecution. Two sets of people made up the town namely those who wanted to stay and those who wanted…

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The chaser

The story is about wildness and the fact that most situations are beyond our control. The narrator maps the story of how his sportsmanship was ended just from his first experience at it. His father ended the life of an innocent bird something that angered him and discouraged him off being a sportsman. The narrator then compares this to the transitions made by her wife from being wild autonomous and unpredictable to being predictable like a hen such that one…

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An analysis of Last night by Sharon Old

The main theme in the poem is that of love, there is also some focus on sex as some sort of physical interaction that is void without love and emotion. The author of the poem highlights this using careful word choice as well as using the tine in the poem. From the audience perspective, they get to know how it feels to have sex without love. Words like afraid, love implies some unsure ambiguity to the sexual experiences that took…

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An analysis of We have no right to happiness by C.S. Lewis

An analysis of We have no right to happiness by C.S. Lewis

Every human being deserves happiness. Nevertheless, I do not believe that we should pursue our happiness regardless of other issues. I disagree with arguments that human beings ought to be selfish so as to realize their goals. Therefore, there is need to create some balance between what makes us happy and what we want. In addition, we should not also burden ourselves for others to be happy. Often in our lives, we have encountered people who believe they are either…

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American History

American History

The United states was not a true democracy in 1800 because not all people had the right to vote leading to minorities and children to demonstrate against being denied to vote. The main questions settled by the civil war include the role of the Union, the rights of enslaved Americans and Abolishment of Slavery. The civil war brought America together such that it forced Americans on both sides to reconcile their trust and belief in humanity, it basically transformed America…

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13th amendment

Criticisms to the 13th amendment

The United States can in no way represent itself as the home of the brave and the land of the free given the high number of prisoners globally, with most of this prisoners being slaves from other countries. On the face of it, the writings may persuade one into believing that it is indeed a home for the brave and land of the free, but their actions and unwillingness to implement these amendment speaks differently. There was unwillingness by the…

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Violent Play

Violent play

Violent plays within the sports world are the physical acts in contact sporting activities beyond the usual contact levels anticipated while at play. Such acts may include deliberate attempts to cause injury to a fellow player or coach. This is a very sensitive topic in the sports world today thus my reason for addressing it. This paper shall showcase the possible causes of violent play, the history of violent play and finally solutions to violent play. Causes of violent play…

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Data profiling

Data profiling in Analytics

When faced with large datasets, it is often hard to quickly locate some variables in a dataset. There are several approaches to this. One common one is the use of proc contents and proc datasets to enlist all variables together with labels. Nevertheless, in case you are interested in knowing just one variable, then you have to search between all dataset values to locate it. To search for a variable in a data set you follow the steps below; Create…

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