Drama unfolded at Kabianga Ward in Belgut constituency as enraged residents swarmed the residence of the local Member of County Assembly (MCA) to protest the arrest of three youths on Tuesday night.

The angry mob accused the MCA of dispatching two individuals to confront a blogger who had criticized him on social media.

According to reports, the emissaries approached the blogger at a pool in Kabarsowach trading center, inviting him for a discussion about his online attacks against the MCA.

During the conversation, a scuffle broke out between the two emissaries and the blogger, prompting the latter to raise an alarm. This attracted other pool players and members of the public, who swiftly responded to the distress call.

In response to the incident, a mob attacked the emissaries.

On Tuesday morning, the MCA accompanied the two individuals to Kabianga police post for statement recording. Later in the evening, law enforcement officers apprehended three youths who were implicated by the emissaries.

The residents were infuriated by this action, leading them to surround the police vehicle in which the three youths were confined.

As tensions escalated, the police car swiftly drove away at high speed, heading towards Sosiot police station.

Subsequently, the mob marched towards the MCA’s residence, aiming to engage him in a dialogue.

Upon arrival, they destroyed the fence and caused significant damage. Caught off guard, the MCA hastily exited his car and fled on foot towards Premier trading center.

Sosiot police station officers responded to the scene but were overwhelmed by the mob.

Eventually, village elders intervened and managed to pacify the agitated residents, who demanded the unconditional release of the three young men.

Efforts to contact the MCA were unsuccessful on Wednesday morning, as his phone was unreachable.

Sources close to the MCA, however, disclosed that he planned to intervene and secure the release of the detained individuals.