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Republican Party

Republican Party goes Roque


Republican Party and the people of the United States of America went to the polls on Early November 2020. The Election results clearly suggests that Former Vice President and Democratic Party Candidate Joe Biden is well ahead to becoming the next President of the United States. Joe Biden was wonContinue Reading

Florida Minimum Wage

Florida vote to increase minimum wage to $15 per hour.


Florida State in the United States went to the polls on 2nd November 2020. Florida state also voted to approve a ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Florida joins Illinois, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York, Washington DC and New Jersey in approving the $15Continue Reading

Black lives matter

BLM Sparks an increase in cases of Racial abuses in USA.


A lot has been said and experienced over the past four months since the murder of George Floyd by Derrick Chauvin. Black lives matter movements have become more prominent before but amidst all these calls for end of racism, a number of issues have come up that require genuine discussionsContinue Reading

Andrew Jackson

Best President of the Nineteenth Century


Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States of America.  Jackson was elected as President in 1829 and served for two terms until 1837. Although the nineteenth century had a number of presidents such as Martin Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and James K. Polk, Andrew JacksonContinue Reading

An analysis of Last night by Sharon Old


The main theme in the poem is that of love, there is also some focus on sex as some sort of physical interaction that is void without love and emotion. The author of the poem highlights this using careful word choice as well as using the tine in the poem.Continue Reading

Jose Pena Gomez

The legacy of Jose Gomez


Jose Pena Gomez is a 3 time presidential candidate within the Dominican Republic, he was from a humble background and rose to become a prominent politician in Latin America. Gomez died at the age of 61 from pancreatic cancer. Continue Reading

American History

American History


The United states was not a true democracy in 1800 because not all people had the right to vote leading to minorities and children to demonstrate against being denied to vote. The main questions settled by the civil war include the role of the Union, the rights of enslaved AmericansContinue Reading

13th amendment

Criticisms to the 13th amendment


The United States can in no way represent itself as the home of the brave and the land of the free given the high number of prisoners globally, with most of this prisoners being slaves from other countries. On the face of it, the writings may persuade one into believingContinue Reading

Conception of power


Experiencing a scream according to John Holloway is getting tired of the status quo, the oppression, the suffering and the daily struggle which seems not to end and which sets in sadness, bitterness, anger, horror and a refusal of the daily experience of exploitation and injustice. My scream is thatContinue Reading

Canadian Culture


Located in the North-Eastern region of the North American continent, Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia in territorial size. It borders only one country: the United States of America to the South and touches three oceans: the Arctic, the Pacific and the Atlantic. Canada becameContinue Reading

Slavery in America


Slavery in the United States started after colonialists first inhabited Virginia and remained there until the US constitution was amended.  From 1640 to around 1865, persons from African countries were enslaved in America. Slavery in America has always a matter that many believe as inhumane, brutal, and atrocious. Some yearsContinue Reading



For over many years, men and states have been putting in place efforts to secure their freedom. Freedom is thus a precious situation without which individuals and the state cannot make any reasonable progress. Liberty is a phrase that has inspired people over the past to revolt and often theContinue Reading

intrusion of privacy

The invasion of privacy


Privacy intrusion refers to the intrusion of someone’s private life without a valid cause, which grants the right of filing a lawsuit to the one whose privacy has been intruded. In most cases personages of the public are not safeguarded since they are presumably under the public watch thus theirContinue Reading

Luis Borges Jorge

Luis Borges Jorge


Luis Borges Jorge was born on 24th august 1899 in a place known as Buenos Aires Argentina. He passed on14th June 1986 in Geneva Switzerland. Could possibly be describes as an Argentine essayist, short fiction writer and a poet whose literacy works became great in the 20th century in theContinue Reading

Political Life in the Ancient Roman Culture


The democratic approach as applied in the context of Rome is one that investigates the championing for democratic and social right of the Roman people/citizens. The adoption of democratic system of governance between different communities that eventually united to form Rome was not an easy process. Divergent views on theContinue Reading



The renaissance is widely known as a period that marked the transition from middle ages to modernity as well as spanning 1th and 16th centuries. Contemporary believe that Renaissance was a break from the norm as opposed to most Historians who emphasize more on its medieval facets and believe itContinue Reading

Analysis Of The Gettysburg Address

Analysis Of The Gettysburg Address


In the early days of the United States, loyalty to one’s state often took precedence over loyalty to one’s country. The Union was considered a “voluntary compact entered into by independent, sovereign states” for as long as it served their purpose to be so joined. Neither the North nor SouthContinue Reading


Outgoing Burundian President dies of Heart Attack.


The government of Burundi has announced the death of ex-President Pierre Nkurunziza, through a Twitter post on Tuesday afternoon, they attributed his death to Cardiac arrest. This happened just a week after the immediate former First Lady had to be airlifted to Nairobi Kenya for medical attention after allegedly contractingContinue Reading