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William ruto

Who poisoned Kikuyu Residents?


Deputy President is Known to be one of the biggest Philanthropist In Kenya today. On Wednesdays May 21, He led the William Ruto foundation in distributing food to 600 struggling families as a result of the impending Corona Virus.  It is also an open secret that Ruto is the mostContinue Reading

Medina Politics

The Internal Politics of Medina


Muhammad at Medina is a book about early Islam authored by William Montgomery Watt, a Scottish historian and one of the foremost Islamic scholars in the West. Containing only 418 pages, the book was published by Oxford University press in 1956 as a sequel to the Watt’s 1953 volume: MuhammadContinue Reading

Ahmed Nassir

Grand Mullah Deconstructs Atwoli


The Grand Mullah, senior counsel Ahmed Nassir reduced COTU Secretary-General to almost nothing when he appeared on popular JKLive TV show on 20th May 2020 being interviewed by Jeff Koinange. The Name Atwoli emerged when Jeff possed a question to Mullah, Earlier on I was asking you about people likeContinue Reading

History of the Berne convention


The convention came to existence through the provocation of Victor Hugo. It was hence influenced by the French-based right of the author which has some contrasting features with the Anglo-Saxon copyright concept which only focused on economic grievances. The history of the Berne convention is manifested by two major additionsContinue Reading

Class Segregation in Urban centers


From the time when urbanization started in European towns, segregation by political affiliation, class, or social status has always existed. In present day American towns, segregation is mostly with regard to race or class. There are several causes of segregation in urban areas; when cities were beginning to grow inContinue Reading

Traits and attributes of various architects


Francesco Borromini an Italian Architect was very passionate and inspired in his works. Despite his troubles that almost led him to commit suicide, he still produced the world’s most creative drawings in the 21st century. His passion shaped his career such that he never was contended with himself and alwaysContinue Reading

The Jewish Revolt


The Jewish rebelled against the city of Rome. Thousands of the Jews population in 66AD rioted and kicked out the minor Roman strongholds based in the city of Jerusalem. Gallas Centius, who was by then an emperor of Rome in the neighboring country Syria, deployed a huge battalion of solders.Continue Reading

The Verdict


The legal system seems to produce two types of lawyers, bad lawyers and good ones. As I always thought there is a lot of foul play in the legal system and smart and cruel lawyers always have their success in court disregarding real justice. It is important for a defenseContinue Reading

Kinoru Stadium

Kinoru Stadium BBI Rally exposes Raila Badly


Trouble began on Friday when Mt Kenya leaders led by Meru Senator Mithika Linturi protested against allowing an outside “Raila Odinga” into attending a Mt Kenya region BBI resolutions meeting. This was to be extended to Saturday when from early morning groups of youths bribed to attend the Rally andContinue Reading


The Legendary Baba Raila Odinga


Raila Amolo Odinga, a political figurehead in Kenya; a man of strong will and a stubborn heart. He is well-known both locally and internationally for his resilience. Even after losing the presidential seat to his opponents several times, Raila still remains strong and determined. Many politicians would not survive inContinue Reading

Miguna Miguna

Miguna Prides Himself with Prophetic Role.


The no nonsense Politician/Lawyer took to twitter to praise himself over what he said during the 2017 Nairobi Gubernatorial candidates Mike Sonko, Peter Kenneth and Evans Kidero. After Sonko was arraigned in court yesterday, Miguna insinuated that he had earlier warned Nairobians of them being Cartels but was shut offContinue Reading

Progress of liberty, equality and power in the US


The journey to liberty, equality and power in the United States after the Civil war to the present gives a succinct understanding of the progress which the US has underwent from the older simple State to the current industrialized and powerful nation. This perception not only aids in understanding theContinue Reading

The clash of civilization


The clash of civilization is a theory that people’s religious and cultural identities will be the main course of conflict during the post-cold war. Huntington states that future wars would be conflict not between nations but between cultures and that religious extremism would be the main threat to the globalContinue Reading

Socially Engaged Buddhism


Engaged Buddhism often referred to as socially engaged Buddhism is a movement under the Buddhist religion. This was founded by Zen monk Thich Hanh a Vietnamese around the 20th century. The basis of Engaged Buddhism is applying the teachings from Buddhism in a more social or activist manner. Engaged BuddhismContinue Reading

American presidential six year term proposal


The proposal to have a one six year term for American presidents and no eligibility for re-election could never have come at a better time than this, going by recent historical happenings, it is clear that the past four presidents of the United States have had trouble in their secondContinue Reading

Religious Identity and Globalization: Furthering Challenges


Since God has set the rules and has made them difficult to challenge, religion provides answers to questions concerning self-identity.[46] However, in providing such answers, religion also institutes a notion of “truth,” which implies an automatic exclusion of the one—called an “abject”—who does not adhere to such “truth.” In timesContinue Reading

Law Enforcement and Counterterrorism Policies


Terrorism has now become one of the most salient security issues in the International system. Terrorism is by no means a new term as acts of terror date back to 66AD to the violent activities of the Sicarii in Palestine. To date there is no universally agreed comprehensive definition ofContinue Reading