Mambrui Sand Dunes-Malindi


Mambrui is a settlement along the Kenyan Coast, located east of Marikebuni towards the Malindi Garissa road and south of Gongoni in Kilifi County.  Its a 30 minutes drive distance from Malindi town. It is indeed a hidden gem with spectacular views and Sand dunes. A lot of tourists flockContinue Reading

Lindah Kosgey

Know about Lindah Kosgey K24


Lindah kosgey is an Agricultural Enthusiast, currently hosting Kilimo na Biashara show at K24 TV which brings together methods and emerging trends in the Agribusiness world. She is also a business journalist at K24 TV and a moderator for various high ranking events relating to both business and Agriculture. EducationContinue Reading

Mr Beast

Why Mr. Beast chose Kenya and what he stands to benefit


Acts of Charity have existed as long as the world has been in existence, many celebrities engage in acts of charity and philanthropy, using their fame, wealth, and influence to make a positive impact on various social and humanitarian causes. Mr. Beast a popular YouTuber with over 207 million subscribersContinue Reading


Serengeti National Park: Where the Wild Roam Free


In the heart of Africa, a vast and untamed wilderness stretches as far as the eye can see. Serengeti National Park, located in Tanzania, is not just a park; it’s a natural wonder and a testament to the raw beauty and unbridled wildlife of the African continent. In this comprehensive guide, we will embark on a journey through the Serengeti, delving into its diverse ecosystems, iconic wildlife, rich cultural heritage, and the significance of its conservation efforts.Continue Reading