August 2020

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi heading to the Emirates.


It has now been confirmed that Lionel Messi is seeking to unilaterally terminate his contract at Barcelona. Sources at the Catalan club indicate that Messi is seeking to end his contract at Barcelona by triggering his release clause. The biggest question for Football enthusiasts is where the five-time Ballon D’orContinue Reading


Former Uber chief security officer accused of covering up Hack attack.


Former chief of security at Uber Mr. Joseph Sullivan is facing chargers for allegedly covering hack attack amounting to what prosecutor’s term obstruction of justice. The cover up is said to have happened in 2016 exposing confidential information of approximately 57 million drivers and passengers. Joseph was terminated from UberContinue Reading

Huawei Sanctions

US increases restrictions on Beijing Telecommunications company Huawei.


Donald Trump’s administration has placed additional constraints on Huawei technologies in a clear move of restricting the company access to US technology. The focus of these restrictions is to prevent Huawei from purchasing computer chips manufactured using US technology, or that were not particularly developed for Huawei. The US commerceContinue Reading

WeChat downplays Trump executive order


WeChat parent company Tencent has downplayed president Trump’s proposed ban, believed to affect US operations. The social media application runs a similar application in China called Weixin that hopes not to be affected. Smartphone company Apple might be largely affected if developers restrict download of Chinese messaging apps.  However, AppleContinue Reading

Nairobi Conman

How i was conned by OLX (jiji) trader.


On Wednesday 12th august 2020 morning, in a search of a good phone, i opted for jiji previously olx Kenya as it has worked for me severally in linking up with sellers of various products, little did I know I was in for one f my worst online experiences. GivenContinue Reading


Toshiba ends 35 – year laptop production


Japanese Tech company Toshiba has disposed its stake in Dynabook. This means the company can no longer make laptops or personal computers. Technology company Sharp acquired 80% of Toshiba’s holdings back in 2018 and has now acquired the remaining 20% shares. Toshiba launched its T11OO in 1985, launched initially inContinue Reading

Alex and Alan Stokes

Twins charged over a bank robbery prank


YouTubers and TikTok sensation Alex and Alan Stokes have been arrested after staging two prank robberies for a video. In one of the incidents, an Uber driver was arrested by police on gunpoint. The twins who have a collective following of 30 million subscribers, were charged with false imprisonment asContinue Reading


Former Google Engineer sentenced for theft


Anthony Levandowski a former engineer at Google has been sentenced to 18 months jail term for what was termed as trade secret theft, prior to joining Uber. Levandowski was part of the team working on Google’s self-driving car Waymo. Judge William Alsup while giving his ruling in San Francisco saidContinue Reading


Facebook blocks President Bolsonaro supporters accounts.


US Technology Giant Facebook has blocked numerous Facebook accounts attributed to Brazil ‘s president supporters Jair Bolsonaro in compliance with a supreme court ruling. The supporters have been accused of spreading propaganda against court judges. Nevertheless, Facebook argued that the ruling amounted to curtailing freedoms of speech, even as itContinue Reading


Apple removes 30,000 applications from Apple China Store


American Technology Giant Apple has removed over 30,000 applications from its China store on Saturday 2nd, with game applications making close to 90% of the removed apps. The purge happened at 4:15 am local time on Saturday and began with 2000 apps, before a bulk of removals followed. The storeContinue Reading


TikTok could soon be Banned in the United States of America


President Donald Trump on Friday disclosed his plans to Ban TikTok in America. Trump also disclose his plans to order the Chinese based technology company ByteDance to Divest its ownership of TiKTok. In a rejoinder, ByteDance has also responded that its willing to oblige to Trumps calls, as reported byContinue Reading