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Inclusion of Netiquette in school curriculum


The use of the internet and its feeder platforms such as social media are part of the outstanding discoveries of the 21st century and laudable milestones in the development of information technology and communication. The colossal interactions online has raised concern for etiquette online giving rise to the term netiquette.Continue Reading

Enron Scandal


Ethics deals with values, morals and the overall individual personality as appropriate in any given society. Various ethical theories have provided rules entrenched in systems and principles which offer guidance and making key decisions on rating what is good or bad and right or wrong. Ethical theories have provided basis for guidance and understanding on what is good and bad in any given scenario and the understanding of what is morally upright to be referred as human in nature.Continue Reading

Mobile App Analytics

Mobile App analytics


As the word continues to witness growth in digital marketing trends, the ancient rules no longer apply to mobile, however, the call for analytics is as critical as ever. Let website trends set your business to the correct path to successful optimization and quality management. Mobile applications was the first none website platform integrated into the Google Analytics suite as a top class citizen; it was however, a solution to the change towards smart devices such as tablets and phones witnessed over the past four years. Continue Reading


Operational Security Metrics


Securing an organization against cyber-attacks has become a priority for most organizations over the past decade. The world has witnessed a hype with regard to aspects of cybersecurity transforming into an alarming reality, a situation that government and corporate entities seem helpless to mitigate against.Continue Reading


Data Models possible for MongoDB


MongoDB is basically an open-source database tailored in consideration to agility and scalability. As opposed to storing data in table columns and rows as done in relational databases, MongoDB rather uses JSON similar documents that have dynamic schemas. Data modeling in MongoDB is quite similar to what happens in relationalContinue Reading

Greening software

Cache Conscious software Development


The cache performance of a program can be made better by creating a new organization and a new layout of its data ad data structures. In the past years, the techniques used arranged instances that re distinct in order to get grater reference locality and hence improve the cache performanceContinue Reading

Artificial Intelligence

History of artificial intelligence


Artificial intelligence refer to the concept and creation of computer structures that are able to carry out activities that usually require human intelligence to perfume. Such tasks can include speech recognition, visual perception, translation of languages, and decision making. This term artificial intelligence was coined in 1956 by John McCarthyContinue Reading

Human centered design

Human centered Design and Engineering


Human centered design and engineering refers to coming up with product design that suits specific users based on the person, character and behavior of the users. HCDE focuses on making technology accommodate people rather than having the people accommodate technology; it is integrating technology and engineering to make products workContinue Reading

Digital certificate

Digital certificates


A digital certificate gives information that is identifying and forging it is hard as it issued and its verification is done by official and trusted agency. What is in the certificate is the name of the holder, a serial number, the certificates holders key copy and expiry dates as wellContinue Reading


Contrasting the EU and the US privacy regimes


Much of what happens in networks leaves digital fingerprints, thus the reason for privacy issues of users. Since privacy regulations differ according to regions, companies or organizations are not obligated to comply with the regulations of every region but only comply with regulations of the regions they operate in. EvenContinue Reading

Using social media for marketing


Web 2.0 is a technology that is currently used to make robust website that allows both clients and sellers to engage in a discussing concerning the products in sales. This is well elaborated via a blog website which allows sellers to engage in a forum with clients located at variousContinue Reading

intrusion of privacy

The invasion of privacy


Privacy intrusion refers to the intrusion of someone’s private life without a valid cause, which grants the right of filing a lawsuit to the one whose privacy has been intruded. In most cases personages of the public are not safeguarded since they are presumably under the public watch thus theirContinue Reading


Handling of a company’s encryption keys


 Data loss is common news lately, it is also becoming a norm to hear about organizations losing very sensitive data. According to Privacy rights clearinghouse, more than nine hundred data loss incidents were reported publicly between January 2005 and February 2008 which lead to disclosure of sensitive data relating toContinue Reading

Big Data

Big Data Management: Work Smarter Not Harder


In the present world, most organizations are largely involved in tasks that generate huge amounts of data. Data sets are growing exponentially in various domains globally in a way that makes it hard to manage. This clearly indicates that we are in an era of Big Data. It is reasonableContinue Reading

ATM locator,

New methods for choosing optimal ATM locations by using GIS


The always rising competition within the Banking and financial sectors to gain some competitive edge is being witnessed across the globe. The success of this industry mainly relies on the power of the industry to establish a larger customer base and dispense market based services. As a solution, these industryContinue Reading


The Otamatone


The Otamatone is Japan’s best selling musical instrument that is categorized as a Portable Synthesizer toy and considered by many as a weird musical instrument. The Otamatone was developed in 1998 in Japan by CUBE toy company in collaboration with Denki designers. The Otamatone is a singing toy with aContinue Reading

Data Center security

Data Center Security Policy: Protection from Persistent Threats.


Data Center Security policy is a range of technologies and practices adopted in order to safeguard a Data Center’s physical infrastructure, network systems, and internal assets from internal and external threats. Purpose Today we experience advanced attacks on organizations’ data center assets that are more serious, sophisticated, and extensive. Recently,Continue Reading

Skate 4

Electronic Art Announce the Return of Skate series (Skate 4).


Legendary Franchise Electronic Arts just gave a hint that Skate 4 would perhaps be released soon. The company halted the Skate series production after Skate 3 in 2010 leaving its fans always begging for continuation. during the Electronic Arts Play showcase, they announced that the Skate series will be continuedContinue Reading

Chinas the three warfare’s


In pursuing its political goals China identified the inadequate effectiveness of nuclear and conventional military force. Hence China prepared a new strategy which they named “the three warfare’s” which involved the psychological, media, and legal.  Through this new strategy, china utilizes new military technology that has never been used or consideredContinue Reading

2008 Cyber-attack on the United States


The development of United State cyber command was a result of the 2008 Cyber-attack on the United States. This attack was rated as one of the worst breaches of U.S. military computers ever recorded in history.  The attack commenced with the use of USB flash drive infected with malicious codeContinue Reading