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Evolution of Databases

Evolution of Databases Post Year 2000.


Data simply refers to raw facts that require analysis to procure information. A database is a set of information and a means to manipulate such data to make them useful. A database management system is a software that helps in defining, storing, manipulating and controlling data within a database. ItContinue Reading




SOPA which means the stop online piracy act is a bill currently being considered by the House of Representatives while PIPA meaning protects intellectual property act is a parallel bill currently under the consideration of the senate. This proposed legislation is meant to address issues regarding online piracy with aContinue Reading

Steel Girder

Determination girder distribution factor by using refined analysis


While undertaking Double tee girders design and constructions, it is very crucial that the maximum moments of the double tee girders are considered thoughtfully since it plays a very significant role in determining the section and strengths of a box girder bridge.  This is particularly critical since a three-dimension doubleContinue Reading


VPN client and Network address translation (VPN)


Virtual Private Networks are a common remote access technique in the world today. They allow internet service providers to give private tunnels via the public cloud to achieve productivity at the same time economize on costs from remote access services. A VPN is simply an extension of an organization’s intranetContinue Reading

Linear no threshold model

Linear No Threshold Model


The Linear No-Threshold model has been used in applying low dose rate ionizing radiation for close to seven decades, however, it lacks a reasonable scientific basis and as such can be treated as an assumption. Nevertheless, the assumption remains as the standard basis of radiation protection and forms the foundationContinue Reading

Bullying in america

Cyberbullying and its effects


The Internet is one of the major technological inventions of the century; it propels communication, business, and international connections that promote multicultural interactions. Complaints about the internet include privacy concerns, pretenders, and criminals who take advantage of users. Con artists use the platform to pretend and earn money from unsuspectingContinue Reading


Your Guide to Fixing Your Campagnolo Levers


The Campagnolo levers present a few challenges that were not evident over the last two decades, this guide will focus on idiosyncrasies and small details of fixing the Campagnolo. In addition, it is important to know that Campagnolo levers are now in their fourth incarnation, so the guide will useContinue Reading

Cyber Security

Cyber Security Guide


This Cyber Security Guide is tailored for small-scaled and large-scaled organizations aiming to secure their IT resources from Cybersecurity threats. What Is Cyber Security? Cybersecurity is the practice of ensuring security for computing systems involving hardware, software as well as networks. This Cyber Security Guide provides a guideline to effectiveContinue Reading

Ethical considerations in Cloud Computing


In an increasingly interconnected world, cloud computing has emerged as a transformative technology that powers the digital age. Offering unparalleled convenience and scalability, it has become an integral part of our personal and professional lives.Continue Reading

Information system security


The security of information systems is crucial to the performance of each and every company or organization. It is, therefore, the responsibility of each and every employee to ensure that the laid down procedures for protection and safety of the systems are adhered to with utmost care. Information systems securityContinue Reading

Options for cloud computing

Options for Cloud Computing in 2020.


Options for Cloud computing encompasses different computing technologies that enable users to access and use advanced computing capabilities at small charges. Actually it is the state of the art utility computing.  Includes virtual servers, platform-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, and hardware as a service.  Cloud computing can be understood better when we focusContinue Reading

E-Learning in UAE


Online learning is providing a range of choices and newfound flexibility that has enabled many people to access education from their comfort zones and when suitable. Previously, the traditional learning required that people walk physically into classrooms of these universities and sit-in for lectures. But now over 10,000 UAE studentsContinue Reading

Best printing calculator


Although most businesses have started to use digital calculators printing calculators are still must-have items for most businesses. They are used by accountants and finance officers to do quick calculations to determine the total expense incurred by the company in an estimated period. This is because these calculators are highlyContinue Reading

Byod Policy

BYOD Policy


With the growth of information technology and mobile devices proliferation, company networks are increasingly becoming hard to manage and maintain on a daily basis. Today’s work environment has employees who prefer using their own devices such as tablets and smartphones for work as well as personal activities. According to aContinue Reading

Forensic lab

Free guide to Setting up a forensic laboratory


The need to successfully and professionally carry out forensic analysis of crime incidents has never made more sense than now. This has led to a rise in the need for information regarding the establishment and management of computer forensic laboratories to help facilitated investigations. Construction and establishment of a forensicsContinue Reading

Waterfall model

The virtual surgery project


Introduction The virtual surgery project is a code term for a multi-purpose surgery simulation software product that will assist surgeons in practicing basic mastoid surgery through a virtual environment. The product shall render skull CT scans enabling surgeons to study the virtual skull through the removal of bones via virtualContinue Reading


What you need to know about Linux Operating system


Linux operating system has three main components namely the Kernel, the system library, and lastly System Libraries. Kernel which is the central part of Linux. It performs all main activities of Linux operating system and consists of several modules, it also directly interacts with underlying hardware. Furthermore, this component offersContinue Reading

Dark side of information technology

The Dark side of information technology


For quite a long time, information technology has been perceived as the force behind a powerful economic insurgency a growing set of tools that has enabled workers to be more productive than they were in the early years, driving a step-growth as dramatic as electricity or steam.  Digitization has createdContinue Reading

Applying sociological perspectives in health and social care


The concept of unequal society Across most societies, there are things that make it unequal. This implies that the society encounters some challenges as a result of specific aspects that make it not equal due to beliefs, perceptions and attitudes being expressed and leading to conflicts. Possible causes include someContinue Reading