Month: October 2020

Social Curator Jasmine Star

Social Curator with Jasmine Star, helps individuals and businesses in planning their social media content as well as establishing a social media calendar. Social media is currently the number one marketing channel for business owners. Therefore, connecting with your customers, clients on social media is key to winning market share and growing revenue.  Through creating […]

CPTED design strategies

Introduction The world today is full of criminal activities. Nevertheless, people are getting accustomed to this reality. Deliberations on this matter have conventionally focused on punishment and arrest as opposed to crime prevention mechanism which cannot be implemented until after a crime has been committed.  Crime prevention provides immense benefits to all potential victims. The […]

IT Operations Management Functions

The following functions are IT Operations Management Functions Marketing Often software services once developed need to be exposed to the market and potential customers informed of the existence of such products. Often IT Operations Management Functions require the expertise and skills to market these products. This is why most IT organizations have marketing departments. 2. […]

Types of Repos

There are six types of repos namely buy-sale repo where the security is out rightly disposed and bought back concurrently by the security holder for later date settlement. There is also classic repo where the seller simply repurchases the assets at a similar price at which it was sold then makes other arrangements to settle […]

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