Nearshore technology

Why Nearshore technology is the future of outsourcing

NearShore technology is a new term that means migrating your business operations to another country that is near your current area of operations. This means that the company you outsource your operations to is within the same region as your own perhaps with similar or slightly different business environments. Indeed, globalization has seen growth in business activities with new innovations and technologies being invented on a daily basis. Nearshore technology is not a relatively new term though it’s something that…

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CPTED design strategies

Introduction The world today is full of criminal activities. Nevertheless, people are getting accustomed to this reality. Deliberations on this matter have conventionally focused on punishment and arrest as opposed to crime prevention mechanism which cannot be implemented until after a crime has been committed.  Crime prevention provides immense benefits to all potential victims. The prevention of crime via CPTED is a distinct technique towards crime prevention. It has major ramifications as opposed to use of steel doors or bullet…

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IT Operations Management Functions

IT Operations Management Functions

The following functions are IT Operations Management Functions Marketing Often software services once developed need to be exposed to the market and potential customers informed of the existence of such products. Often IT Operations Management Functions require the expertise and skills to market these products. This is why most IT organizations have marketing departments. 2. Accounting Within the business, there are several financial transactions that require skills beyond those of an information technology expert thus cannot be handled by IT…

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Cyber-attack-Norway suffer Email system attack.

Cyber-attack: Top Norway Legislative organ a cyberattack on its Email system in August of 2020. Preliminary investigations in the Scandinavian Nation suggest that Russia might have had a hand. Nevertheless, Russia has vehemently denied the allegations referencing it as a “serious and willful provocation.” They also claimed that no evidence had been adduced to that effect. Ms Soreide from Oslo indicated that the security and intelligence services were working together to handle the matter. Authorities found out in September that…

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