Cyber-attack: Top Norway Legislative organ a cyberattack on its Email system in August of 2020. Preliminary investigations in the Scandinavian Nation suggest that Russia might have had a hand. Nevertheless, Russia has vehemently denied the allegations referencing it as a “serious and willful provocation.” They also claimed that no evidence had been adduced to that effect. Ms Soreide from Oslo indicated that the security and intelligence services were working together to handle the matter. Authorities found out in September that email accounts belonging to top members of the legislature had been compromised during the cyber-attack, with a potential leakage of crucial information. However, Authorities are still carrying out investigations to determine the magnitude of the cyber-attack.

Moscow has been accused severally of perpetrating Cyberwarfare including dissemination of disinformation and propaganda, distributed denial of service, internet surveillance, hacker attacks among others. Further to this, Oslo has had strained relations with Moscow over the past year after Norway deported a Russian diplomat on allegations of spying. It should be remembered that in 2018, Norway arrested a Russian National on accusations of gathering information on Norway’s parliamentary network.

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