Yahoo vs Google

Apr 9, 2021

Two quite distinct firms, but remain the greatest technological giants and in the international search engine industry, Google and Yahoo! Al aim at dominating the cyberspace traffic flow with each having exemplary business strategies. Yahoo seems to concentrate on communications, establishing content and a community podium that offers great customer experiences, as well as advertising resolutions the operations of the daily lives of people. The mission of Google, on the other hand, is to structure the globes information and transform it to globally acceptable formats that is useful and acceptable. This paper aims at looking at the strategies of Google and Yahoo Globally as well as what each company is doing to compete with the other.

What yahoo is doing to compete with Google.

Yahoo is undoubtedly a very successful firm, with its main operations concentrated on media content as well as web portals. Yahoo Company offers communication, content, advertising and social networking via individualistic portals as well as the exceptional combination of Art plus Science plus scale. Nevertheless, Yahoo has also ventured into partnering with other social media platforms. Yahoo enables its users the convenience to access social media such as Twitter just within Yahoo. Hence as opposed to Google Yahoo rather than competing with social networking platforms prefers partnering them in order to obtain user traffic through them.

Yahoo and Google Global strategies

First, looking at Yahoo, it has for so long preferred partnerships so as to generate web traffic. In the year 2006, Yahoo achieved over one billion bid to Facebook. This was considered a fundamental milestone for Yahoo to get the public via the social networking platform. However, unfortunately, Yahoo did not manage to fulfil its part of the deal since Microsoft had given a superior amount of cash worth over forty billion dollars. This was expected though since Yahoo knew that it could not come up with a social media platform to compete with the products of Google. Thus they opted to establish partnerships with various social media platforms. Yahoo in 2009 came out that some link with Facebook had been established which would connect through linking it in its major web attributes. From this, Yahoo then was able to obtain traffic through article sharing, as well as other aspects on Facebook.

Google, on the other hand, has always concentrated on coming up with things on its own such as Google Ads and Google Buzz. Google, unlike Yahoo’s Partnerships, has concentrated on technology. In the year 2006, Google bought YouTube during the same year, and Yahoo formed a partnership with eBay. The year 2008, Google established Google Chrome while the year that followed, Yahoo again created a partnership with Microsoft. When Google created Google Buzz in 2010, Yahoo went ahead to form a partnership with Twitter. It is, therefore, evident that Google has always taken huge steps to come up with applications that have over time attracted people’s attention while Yahoo indulged so much in partnerships. The business strategy of Google is incessantly succeeding from the time it launched Google Buzz since it is among the most complete products that have been launched by Google up to this moment. Comparing it to Yahoo, Google has created quality products within some short periods such as Android OS, Google Buzz, Wallet and Chrome.

Yahoo is undoubtedly the biggest digital media firm and is far much better than Google through its web content. The new portal of Yahoo is huge, adequately structured and presented well as opposed to Google’s. Yahoo also has a celebrity news portal, which can be regarded as very successful and distinguishes Yahoo and Google. Yahoo is good in information presentation as well as retaining users. Google does not, however, produce its news but presents them qualitatively the way Yahoo does. Google is majorly a search engine and beats Yahoo in that. The technology of Google is clearly superior to that of Yahoo, it is also coming up with online tools regularly while Yahoo just focuses on being a Media company. Google should try more on also creating partnerships as well as generating new applications. Yahoo, on the other hand, should be quite innovative, fast/flexible so as to win a bigger market share.

It is difficult to contrast the two companies since we cannot only judge companies by the results we get from search engines and say Goggle or Yahoo is better. It all narrows down to the business strategies that they pursue. Moreover, from that it is clear that they have very distinct strategies. No business strategy from either company is wrong it is obvious that they require distinct social strategies for them to triumph.