Top Fintech companies

NLS Banking Solutions

NLS is a financial technology company based in Nairobi Kenya that is widely known across the Banking Industry for innovative software solutions. Its widely known products include the Channel Manager which is a financial processing tool designed to offer 24/7 availability to customer digital channels, independent of the core banking system. This is a product that allows Banks to continue operating even when having challenges or making upgrades to the Core Banking system. NLS Banking Solutions is also a proud developer of a product dubbed Tera Offline a tool that is designed to offer Branch Resilience. It allows Banks branches to function normally when having challenges with connections to the Headquarters.

NLS is also an industry leader in the provision of a Debt Collection system, a tool designed to help Banks reduce the amounts held in Bad Debts or written-off loans. Other products By NLS include Nuron Core Banking System, Credit Management system, Sacco Management system, Digital Banking solutions, Fraud detection, and management system, Reporting solution, Transaction reconciliation system among others. NLS also deals with merchant services including bill payment integration and digital channels integrations. From the company website, some of its clients include NCBA bank, SBM Kenya, National Bank, Stanbic, Sidian Bank, Central Bank of Kenya, Kush Bank South Sudan, Mfinance, Sheria Sacco, KWFT among others.

Techno Brain

Techno Brain does not focus on a specific niche as NLS Banking solutions as it offers products across industries. Under Banking and financial technology, the company offers products such as Core Banking solutions, Loan Origination and recovery systems, Anti-Money Laundering, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Customer Identity Management solution among others. The company recently won a contract in Malawi to provide Online Visa Service, adding to its portfolio of already existing clients that include Ethiopian Airlines, Government of Uganda, and Government of Tanzania among others. Techno Brain has diversified opening Branches outside Kenya including in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda South Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Swaziland, India, UAE, United Kingdom, and USA.

Craft Silicon

Craft Silicon is a fintech company that focuses on the provision of financial software including Core Banking systems, Mobile, and switch solutions. Craft Silicon partners with various technology initiatives with relationships with key technology players such as Oracle Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft among others.  The most common and widely used systems by Craft Silicon include Bankers Realm core banking system,  Loan Management system, Omnichannel Banking (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, and Agency Banking) and Anti Money Laundering system.  The Company also deals with Merchant services such as Bill Payments integration, revenue collection systems, insurance solutions, airline solutions, fuel management system, Mobile Money solution, and hospitality solutions. Craft Silicon clients include Jamii Bora Bank, NIC Bank, Finance Trust Bank, I&M Bank, Centenary Bank, National Bank of Malawi, Paramount Bank, Prime Bank, Sterling Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, YES Bank, SBM Kenya, The people’s Bank of Zanzibar and UBA bank.

Other Companies that are doing well in the industry include cellulant and CiTius.