January 2020

Pablo Mari Villar-Arsenal


Name: Pablo Mari Villar Club: De Regada do Flamengo Loan: Arsenal Age: 26 years Citizenship: Spain Agent: AC Talent Position: Centre Back Loan Period: Half Season Foot: Left Player History Mallorca Pablo was a product of Mallorca Youth System and met his first debut in the senior team at theContinue Reading

Security awareness online and Cryptography


Security awareness online How secure aware are you when using your desktop computer online?   Desktop computers offer quite fewer security mechanisms that actually are far much less satisfactory with regard to optimum protection. Desktop computers only offer the operating system security measures such as the firewall and maybe installed antivirusContinue Reading

The man to send rain clouds


The story is about an occurrence that Silko heard in Laguna which was her hometown in Mexico: some aged man had been found lifeless within some sheep camp and had been awarded a conventional Indian burial. The Catholic priest at the locality had decanted the aspect that he hadn’t beenContinue Reading

Top Fintech companies

Top Fintech Companies to watch in Kenya 2020


NLS Banking Solutions NLS is a financial technology company based in Nairobi Kenya that is widely known across the Banking Industry for innovative software solutions. Its widely known products include the Channel Manager which is a financial processing tool designed to offer 24/7 availability to customer digital channels, independent ofContinue Reading