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KRG The Don Reunites with Long-Lost Daughter, Yvonne, Ending Accusations of Abandonment: A Tale of Reconciliation and New Beginnings

In a heartwarming turn of events, renowned singer KRG The Don has finally crossed paths with his 19-year-old daughter, Yvonne, putting to rest the allegations of abandonment that had been leveled against him. During a recent interview with Nicholas Kioko, Yvonne’s mother revealed that she had encountered KRG The Don when she was still young, […]

Content Creator Pilot Nyako Apologizes to Lulu Hassan Following Outburst: Calls for Forgiveness for Reckless Behavior

TikTok content creator Pilot Nyako has expressed her regret and offered an apology to media personality Lulu Hassan following a recent incident where she unleashed her anger and lectured the well-known Citizen TV news anchor. The clash between the two individuals began a few days ago when Lulu, during a TikTok session with Sultana actress […]

‘24,’ ‘Runaways’ actor Annie Wersching dead at 45 after a lengthy battle with Cancer.

Annie Wersching was an American actress, best known for her role as FBI Agent Renee Walker on the hit television show “24.” Born on March 28, 1977 in St. Louis, Missouri, Wersching got her start in acting in high school and went on to study theatre at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. After college, Wersching made […]

Thousands of political Bloggers staring at unemployment in Kenya after Elections.

The 2022 General elections in Kenya has seen politicians right from the grassroots to the national level enlists bloggers in a bid to popularize them as well as embracing Social media. However, with the next election 5 years away and a number of potential aspirants trying to cut costs, it is obvious that a number […]

Manchester United Legend Paul Scholes cries foul after United’s terrible loss to Arsenal.

Paul scholes says that Arteta’s conduct on the sidelines while the footage was being reviewed  was annoying, as he said on Premier League Productions: “I didn’t really think of the foul, to be honest. “That brings into question whether it’s a clear and obvious error, which is the only reason it should go to the […]

Nikita Kering the most underrated yet most gifted African artist.

Nikita Kering is definitely the most underrated Kenyan/African artist who receives little attention outside his home country. She has been writing and recording great music since 2019, has a fantastic voice and writes some brilliant lyrics. Not to discount any other musicians or guitarists. But Nikita Kering is a living legend that is doing things […]

Tenant ‘sabotages’ Landlords attempt to increase rent.

Landlords have been known to use the weirdest excuses to kick out tenants who refuse to abide by new regulations such as increase in rent. Generally, most landlords have the reputation of doing very little and expecting the maximum possible gain. For this specific tenant, the landlord crossed the line when he opted to increase […]

I Wandered Lonely as a cloud

I Wandered Lonely as a cloud by William Wordsworth is a lyric poem that revolves around the speaker’s state of mind. The process that the speaker goes through as described is symbolized by a natural scene where the speaker is united with plants and the environment. I Wandered Lonely as a cloud poem was authored […]

Phil Spector: Pop Music Producer dies at 81.

Phil Spector also known as Harvey Spector, an American Pop Music producer, songwriter, musician, and convicted Murder has died of natural causes. Phil Spector transformed the Pop music industry with his “wall of Sound” recordings working with revolutionary artists such as the Righteous Brothers, the Beatles, and Tina Turner. He was convicted in 2009 for […]

The Man Who Lived at the airport for 18 years.

How often do you hear of persons residing in public places for years? Would you believe that someone lived in an Airport Terminal for almost 2 decades? The Story of Mehran Karimi Nasseri otherwise known as Sir Alfred is almost unbelievable but factual. Regular travelers via the Charles de Gaulle International Airport would pass by […]

American Actress Tanya Roberts death confirmed a day after a false announcement

The passing of Tanya Roberts has now been affirmed after a mistake that prompted a death announcement being made while she was alive. Bond lady and Charlie’s Angels star Tanya Roberts has finally passed on after a misunderstanding which saw her demise rashly reported by her Publicist while she was seriously sick but alive. Roberts’ […]

NBA Draft 2020

The NBA draft is an annual event dating back to 1947 in where teams emanating from the National Basketball Association can draft eligible players and wish to join the league. These are typically college basketball players; though international players are also eligible to be drafted. First Round Timberwolves draft Anthony Edwards Warriors draft James Wiseman […]

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