Nikita Kering

Nikita Kering is definitely the most underrated Kenyan/African artist who receives little attention outside his home country. She has been writing and recording great music since 2019, has a fantastic voice and writes some brilliant lyrics. Not to discount any other musicians or guitarists. But Nikita Kering is a living legend that is doing things that no one else in Kenya in the Music Industry. She is really something else and instead of explaining why, I would just admonish people to check some stuff out.

There isn’t one thing that makes her ‘underrated’ and of course it’s based on personal tastes and opinion, but I’ve tried to take a broad view. Some artists are really well renowned but only within their niche, some are more broadly famous but maybe they’re not as recognised for their ability to sing so much as their image. So many more singers deserve more recognition than they get and I want to believe that Nikita Kering is definitely an artist who ought to receive global recognition and not confined to just Africa.

Nikita is an artist that has the rare ability to combine technique and skill with heart-wrenching emotion, she’s one of my favourite singers performing right now. It might seem strange to call her underrated considering she’s already won Best Artiste RnB and Soul Award and Best Female Artiste East Africa Award, but I’ve found she’s only really known within niche circles, partially because she hasn’t released that much music yet. I would suggest checking out her live performances. She is currently signed to record label Universal Music and currently working with other top musicians, so keep an eye out. I am certainly excited to see what she releases in years to come.