Bloggers Kenya

The 2022 General elections in Kenya has seen politicians right from the grassroots to the national level enlists bloggers in a bid to popularize them as well as embracing Social media. However, with the next election 5 years away and a number of potential aspirants trying to cut costs, it is obvious that a number of bloggers will be let go.

Major political parties have enlisted services from junior bloggers just fresh from middle school to elite professors and lecturers of local Universities who have even gone ahead to open YouTube accounts in order to reach wider audiences.

A number of social media users did volunteer to popularize some candidates in a bid to grow their social media following or just out of a believe on what they stand for. Nevertheless, it is unforeseeable that such persons will continue pushing political agenda with the next election 5 years away. Some of these persons have also been elected to leadership positions, this would probably limit what their post on their handles to the specific affiliations in which they were elected in.

Of specific concern is the group, who were actively involved in the general election and on Monthly remunerations from the two major political formations Kenya Kwanza and Azimio la Umoja One Kenya alliance, whichever government takes over, its certain that most of them would not retain their positions unless they explore alternative revenue sources such as affiliate marketing or brand marketing partnerships.