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NBA Draft 2020

NBA Draft 2020


The NBA draft is an annual event dating back to 1947 in where teams emanating from the National Basketball Association can draft eligible players and wish to join the league. These are typically college basketball players; though international players are also eligible to be drafted. First Round Timberwolves draft AnthonyContinue Reading


Women in Mulan


Around the world, women gender has always been considered the weaker sex. For example in Imperial China, women assumed a subordinate role to men; they had no powers within the family. Such norms take a long time to change; even with modernization and cultural exchanges.  Nevertheless, characters in films mayContinue Reading


Black Rapper MO3 shot dead at a Dallas highway.


Mo3, whose real name is Melvin A. Noble, was shot multiple times and died at a local hospital, according to police. An earlier statement from police said that the suspect had been chasing Noble after the rapper got out of his car to run away. The gunman and Mo3 wereContinue Reading

Kyle Washington Football Team

Kyle Allen Washington Football Team’s Scary Injury


However, his career made a turn for the worst on Sunday during a match between the Washington Football team and the New York Giants when Kyle Allen suffered a scary ankle injury after being tackled by Jabrill Peppers. The Washington Football team lost the match 23-20. Allen was injured duringContinue Reading

Katherine Nicole McKibbin

Katherine Nicole Mckibbin American Idol Popstar dies at 42


Katherine Nicole McKibbin also known as Nikki McKibbin, is an American writer, rock music singer and 2nd runners up in the debut season of American Idol Reality Television series has passed on at 42. Katherine Nicole McKibbin initially managed Angelfire Productions, some Karaoke prior to joining American Idol after whichContinue Reading

The Salem witch trials


The Salem witch trials happened during the colonial Massachusetts in 1962. Approximately two hundred people were faced with charges of practicing witchcraft and twenty of them executed. The trials were certainly full of uncertainty and controversy. Close to one hundred people were found guilty on these charges. Prior to these,Continue Reading

The chaser


The story is about wildness and the fact that most situations are beyond our control. The narrator maps the story of how his sportsmanship was ended just from his first experience at it. His father ended the life of an innocent bird something that angered him and discouraged him offContinue Reading

An analysis of Last night by Sharon Old


The main theme in the poem is that of love, there is also some focus on sex as some sort of physical interaction that is void without love and emotion. The author of the poem highlights this using careful word choice as well as using the tine in the poem.Continue Reading

An analysis of We have no right to happiness by C.S. Lewis

We have no right to happiness by C.S. Lewis


We have no right to happiness by C.S Lewis emphasizes that every human being deserves happiness. Nevertheless, I do not believe that we should pursue our happiness regardless of other issues. I disagree with arguments that human beings ought to be selfish so as to realize their goals. Therefore, thereContinue Reading

Perfect night to die



I left home that afternoon feeling rather low. I had done many investigative episodes on individuals and corporations that tainted the society. My next mission, seemed like any other day at work. I wore black trousers, tight fitting white t shirts and grey shoes. But there was something strange withContinue Reading


Binyinyet the Village Mystery


In my village, there is this guy, called Binyinyet. No one knows his kinsmen, or his official names. This is not his real name, people say that he got the name after swallowing a slimy black aquatic insect, called binyinyet in my mother tongue after a night of drinking andContinue Reading

Music of 1920s versus 1970s


The 1920s witnessed the dominance of popular music commonly known as pop music with the industry facing threats from technological advancements such as growth of radio and electrical recording. The invention of radio offered free music which needed no expensive musical instruments and musical skills required for creating personal music at home, or incurring expenses to play on the gramophone. Continue Reading

Tula Chemoget

Tula Chemoget.


Tula Chemoget also going by the Name DJ Kaptula is a popular event Mcee, one that is definitely worth every penny. Aside from TV and comedy, Tula is also an artist who began by doing several song Remixes in Kalenjin and Swahili versions. Some of Tula Chemoget’s remixes that really did wellContinue Reading

Live in rural Africa

Daily Life in a Village in Africa


The US as its commonly said is home to many cultures. Nevertheless, the American culture gas massive influences on other cultures hence the creation sort of a national culture that would greatly be important for the family to understand. A key material culture that would be worthy for this familyContinue Reading


Fay tall-Know your artist


About Fay Tall Chepkemoi Soy Memo Faith who goes by the artist name Fay Tall “Vay Doll” is a First rising Kalenjin artist who initially began doing song covers in Kalenjin, but then diversified to collaborations with other artists as well as sang original songs. She is also a giftedContinue Reading