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How Uhuru Kenyatta ruined Kenya’s economy with unsustainable loans by David Tarus

Let me show you how Uhuru Kenyatta ruined Kenya’s economy with unsustainable loans. But Ruto must create a conducive business environment to mitigate against the imminent collapse. Let me take you through the mess Uhuru created and how Ruto must navigate through it. When Uhuru took over power in 2013, Kenya had accumulated only KES […]

Raila Odinga Launches Petition to Remove President William Ruto: Understanding Constitutional Procedures for Presidential Oustings

In a bold move, Raila Odinga, the leader of Azimio, has launched a petition aimed at collecting 10 million signatures by next week in an attempt to remove President William Ruto from power. Odinga bases his petition on Article 1, clauses One and Two of the Constitution. However, it is essential to note that the […]

Thousands of political Bloggers staring at unemployment in Kenya after Elections.

The 2022 General elections in Kenya has seen politicians right from the grassroots to the national level enlists bloggers in a bid to popularize them as well as embracing Social media. However, with the next election 5 years away and a number of potential aspirants trying to cut costs, it is obvious that a number […]

Yvonne and Eric failed terribly holding brief for Azimio La Umoja in Presidential debate.

I hate to be the bearer of bad Nyus, but Yvonne and Eric failed Asimio big time. The duo flopped in ways only they could. And the fact that Asimio Wasaredo are heaping praises on Yvonne, for instance, is akin to watoto misa praising the Bishop! It’s expected much as it is required! Allow me […]

Blow to BBI as John Seii spills beans on how report was edited

Retired Major John Seii said the BBI report was altered to add proposal to create office of prime minister and two deputies The BBI taskforce member said they never asked Kenyans whether they needed the three offices He also dismissed proposal to increase number of MPs in the report saying it was not part of […]


Siaya Governor Rasanga and his Senator James Orengo was an imposed politician by ODM cannibals.The party in many cases doesn’t champ for democracy at all levels as it is coated. Kenyans especially Luos must get out of the mud, where they have been buried for soo long. Six-piece has been a slogan injected to almost […]

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