Social media users in Kenya were left puzzled on Thursday when a Twitter user shared images depicting a man dressed in a complete Spider-Man costume, seemingly going about his day before finding himself inside a police vehicle. The Twitter account @InsecurityKE posted four photos capturing the arrest of the individual known as the Nanyuki ‘Spider-Man’ and questioned why the Administration Police Service (APS) had taken him into custody, as he was seen peacefully walking the streets while engrossed in a book and carrying a shopping basket.

The tweet quickly went viral, garnering over 800 retweets at the time of publishing, with countless individuals curious to uncover the true nature of the incident. Seeking clarification, Citizen Digital reached out to the Nanyuki APS to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the arrest. According to the APS, they clarified that they did not arrest the man but were conducting a wellness check.

An anonymous source within the APS, wishing to remain unidentified, revealed that the man in question is mentally unstable and had been reported missing by his family. Concerned about his well-being, his family sought the assistance of the police in locating him. Consequently, when the officers spotted him in Nanyuki town, they apprehended him and subsequently contacted his family to inform them of his whereabouts.

Shortly after the man’s apprehension, family members swiftly arrived at Nanyuki prison, armed with hospital documents that confirmed his mental illness. The documents served as evidence to the authorities, prompting his release into the care of his family.

The series of events, captured in the now-viral photos, have shed light on the underlying context of the situation. It appears that the police acted out of genuine concern for the well-being of the mentally ill individual and his family’s desperate search for him. However, the initial images shared on social media without context fueled confusion and speculation, leading to widespread curiosity and a desire for an explanation.

While the ‘Spider-Man’ arrest photos caused a stir online, the subsequent revelation of the circumstances has somewhat alleviated concerns. The incident highlights the challenges faced by individuals with mental health issues and the importance of raising awareness and support within communities. It also serves as a reminder of the crucial role law enforcement plays in ensuring the safety and welfare of vulnerable individuals.

As the story unfolded, the public’s initial curiosity and perplexity have given way to a deeper understanding of the situation. It is hoped that this incident will prompt discussions about mental health awareness, support systems, and the need for compassion and empathy when dealing with individuals facing such challenges.