In a determined effort to combat the production and sale of dangerous and lethal brews, law enforcement officials conducted a targeted crackdown in Mabera Sub-county, Migori County. As a result, three individuals have been apprehended and a significant quantity of 750 litres of ethanol has been confiscated. The suspects are currently in police custody, while the seized ethanol and the suspects have been handed over to authorities for further investigation and appropriate legal action.

Mabera Sub-county Deputy County Commissioner, Joyphila Wambua, provided insight into the operation, stating that the three suspects were discovered inside a house where the substantial amount of ethanol was seized. The presence of the suspects in conjunction with the seized ethanol raises concerns about their potential involvement in the production and distribution of illicit alcoholic beverages. Consequently, the authorities are determined to thoroughly investigate the matter to uncover any links to the dangerous brews that have had fatal consequences.

The crackdown conducted by the security officers was prompted by reports of a lethal brew allegedly tainted with ethanol. The devastating impact of this hazardous concoction has resulted in the loss of nine lives in the Kubweye area of Mabera Sub-county. The gravity of the situation necessitated immediate action to protect public health and safety.

The proactive response by the security officers was aided by valuable information provided by members of the public, who tipped them off regarding the activities and locations of those involved in the production and sale of the lethal brews. This collaborative effort between law enforcement and the community played a crucial role in identifying and apprehending the suspects, as well as seizing the significant quantity of ethanol.

Further police reports indicate that 17 individuals fell victim to the consumption of the suspected brew that had been adulterated with ethanol. These distressing incidents highlight the urgency and importance of tackling the illicit alcohol trade to prevent further loss of life and protect the well-being of the community.

In a separate operation within Kuria West Sub-county, authorities have seized 46 litres of chang’aa, a locally brewed spirit, and arrested three individuals. The suspects, currently in police custody, are awaiting arraignment as investigations continue.

The ongoing efforts to crack down on the production and sale of dangerous alcoholic beverages signify a commitment by the authorities to address a grave public health issue. It is essential to safeguard the community from the harmful consequences of these illicit activities, ensuring that individuals can consume safe and regulated alcoholic products. Through such operations and collaborative initiatives, the aim is to deter the production, distribution, and consumption of lethal brews, preserving the well-being and lives of the local population.