Security via HTTPS

Security through SSL & HTTPS

Hyper text transfer protocols via socket shell layer is the application of secure socket layer and transport layer security to act as a mini layer below the normal hypertext transfer protocol layering. Its encryption and decryption is according to requests by use pages together with the returned pages by the web server. The application of HTTPS offers security against attacks like man in the middle together with eavesdropping. The efficiency of HTTPS can however, be hindered by vague server or…

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Ten most profitable crops

“Farmer makes KSh 1,000,000 from an acre of onions!” We are not new to such headlines. The articles then go ahead to give attractive yields and market prices, building a very good case of numbers that then see Kenyans break the bank for cash to invest. Barely hours after the article debuts, social media is awash with inquiries from the eager would be investors: “I’m looking for two acres along a permanent river to lease….”“What is the best seed variety…

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Black lives matter

BLM Sparks an increase in cases of Racial abuses in USA.

A lot has been said and experienced over the past four months since the murder of George Floyd by Derrick Chauvin. Black lives matter movements have become more prominent before but amidst all these calls for end of racism, a number of issues have come up that require genuine discussions in a bid to offer sort of a lasting solution to effects of racism. Politics too has played a major role especially with America set to go into elections later…

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Uniforms at workplaces

Uniforms at workplace

In the 21st century, uniforms have formed a critical part of business in most organizations. The logic behind this is that uniforms are helpful both in maintaining discipline and branding the business. Currently, most organizations accept all kinds of dressing mainly due to religious affiliations some of which demand women to dress in a certain way. This freedom has been the culture around most businesses but for the few that have tried uniforms, they have benefited greatly. Uniforms establish in…

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Andrew Jackson

Best President of the Nineteenth Century

Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States of America.  Jackson was elected as President in 1829 and served for two terms until 1837. Although the nineteenth century had a number of presidents such as Martin Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, and James K. Polk, Andrew Jackson was the best among this selection. Jackson fought for common man, sought to preserve the Union, and fought corruption. Jackson was nicknamed king Mob because of his belief in fighting…

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13th amendment

Criticisms to the 13th amendment

The United States can in no way represent itself as the home of the brave and the land of the free given the high number of prisoners globally, with most of this prisoners being slaves from other countries. On the face of it, the writings may persuade one into believing that it is indeed a home for the brave and land of the free, but their actions and unwillingness to implement these amendment speaks differently. There was unwillingness by the…

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Violent Play

Violent play

Violent plays within the sports world are the physical acts in contact sporting activities beyond the usual contact levels anticipated while at play. Such acts may include deliberate attempts to cause injury to a fellow player or coach. This is a very sensitive topic in the sports world today thus my reason for addressing it. This paper shall showcase the possible causes of violent play, the history of violent play and finally solutions to violent play. Causes of violent play…

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Inclusion of Netiquette in school curriculum

The use of the internet and its feeder platforms such as social media are part of the outstanding discoveries of the 21st century and laudable milestones in the development of information technology and communication. The colossal interactions online has raised concern for etiquette online giving rise to the term netiquette. Netiquette is basically ethics of interactions online to ensure the respect, the moral values and virtues in real life are maintained online as well. The issue of how to go…

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Perfect night to die


I left home that afternoon feeling rather low. I had done many investigative episodes on individuals and corporations that tainted the society. My next mission, seemed like any other day at work. I wore black trousers, tight fitting white t shirts and grey shoes. But there was something strange with my dress code that day. I wore a lean leather jacket that touched my belt. Strangely, I had never worn leather jacket before in my life. I knew something was…


Binyinyet the Village Mystery

In my village, there is this guy, called Binyinyet. No one knows his kinsmen, or his official names. This is not his real name, people say that he got the name after swallowing a slimy black aquatic insect, called binyinyet in my mother tongue after a night of drinking and falling into Emsoo river, making his voice change to a squeaky one, like Donald Duck. Not only did his voice change after swallowing the insect, but also did his behavior.…

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Blockchain security

The security of Blockchain enabled applications

Blockchain technologies is a digital ledger that is used for implementation of the distributed central repository, and it does not have a central authority. It provides the ability for the users to record their transaction in a ledger which is a public record for the community.

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Artificial Intelligence

History of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence refer to the concept and creation of computer structures that are able to carry out activities that usually require human intelligence to perfume. Such tasks can include speech recognition, visual perception, translation of languages, and decision making. This term artificial intelligence was coined in 1956 by John McCarthy at time when he held a conference on this subject. In computer science, the artificial Intelligence is one of the most mysterious subject that has been studied for several decades.…

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Roles of Christian beliefs and virtues in the Anglo-Saxon warrior class

The Saxon is the ancient error of time that had a sophisticated culture with stable art, rule and a significant amount of literature. Looking back into ancient history to shade light into the roles of religious beliefs and virtues as practiced by persons of a specific society can be difficult, more so when there is not much written chronicles highlighting such practices specifically.Nevertheless, in the case of Anglo Saxon many literature pieces exist such as the dream of the rood,…

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Contrasting the EU and the US privacy regimes

Much of what happens in networks leaves digital fingerprints, thus the reason for privacy issues of users. Since privacy regulations differ according to regions, companies or organizations are not obligated to comply with the regulations of every region but only comply with regulations of the regions they operate in. Even countries that are considered developed and states that have come together such as the United States and the European Union have distinct approaches to privacy in their bid to ensure…

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The impacts of macroeconomic factors on money supply

Macroeconomics is simply the study of economics from a broader perspective. For example, instead of focusing on the economics of a specific company, macroeconomics would focus on the entire state economy. Monetary policy and inflation go hand in hand, though monetary policy can be helpful in reducing the effect of inflation. Inflation can simply be defined as the increase in prices and salaries that bring down the purchasing power of currency. Monetary policy on the other hand is the regulation…

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Sightseeing In Oklahoma City

Sightseeing In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a bustling hub located on the southern magnificent plains. The city is the headquarters to the state renowned for native population in the US, oil and natural gas, and the constant harsh tornados. Below is a list of the top must-see sights in this gem of a Texas City: Bricktown Adventures The historic former warehouse district is a top tourist destination in the city. It boasts of rich-culture museums, picturesque event places, and restaurants that create a…

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