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Robots in Japanese Hospitals

Following stiff competition in the manufacture of machines from the other high performing Asia economies like South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, Japan shifted focus to high precision items like robotics and optics. The robotics industry is indispensable in Japan than any other country in the globe. This industry provides employment opportunities to more than a […]

Emerging trends in cloud computing

Emerging trends in cloud computing suggests that it is slowly changing from business buzzword to industry vital solution; technology indicators revealed migration to the cloud as a huge trend in 2015, with researchers anticipating that expenses on cloud services would reach $300 billion by 2016. At the moment, the perceived industry opportunity linked with the cloud […]

Law Enforcement and Counterterrorism Policies

Terrorism has now become one of the most salient security issues in the International system. Terrorism is by no means a new term as acts of terror date back to 66AD to the violent activities of the Sicarii in Palestine. To date there is no universally agreed comprehensive definition of terrorism given the pejorative nature […]

Exploration of oil and gas impacts to the environment.

The issue is that during seismic exploration, agricultural activities like silage preparation could easily shred the wired flags used for survey stakes mapping out of the exploration areas. This metal bits could affect animal life if consumed from the silage. Furthermore, if animals consume flags or ribbons from stakes and markers they could also die. […]

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