Step 1: Take a medium size container 4-5 inches deep and drill some holes on the sides for drainage.

To start the seed germination, use a mix of 50% organic compost and 50% sandy soil. You can also use Loam soil to start the seeds.

Step 2: Moisten the soil mix with water evenly.

When purchasing Onion seeds, plan to use them within 18 months, the longer the seeds take stored, the less likely they will germinate/sprout.

Step 3: Scatter the seeds evenly over the moist soil and cover slightly with a thin layer of soil or press them down in a way that they are beneath the soil.

Step 4: Water the seeds with a gentle shower so as to soak the soil without washing away the thin layer of soil covering them.

Step 5: For better Germination, keep the container in direct sunlight and add water occasionally whenever the soil begin to dry up. The soil should always remain moist for better results.

The seeds will begin to germinate on the 5th or 6th Day.

During this period, keep the soil a little bit moist regularly for constant growth.

Step 6: Once the seedlings are 50 days old, you can transfer them to their final containers to avoid the congestion in the first container.

Step 7: Use a spacious container with at least 10 inches depth and as wide as possible. Also ensure that the containers have sufficient drainage holes on the sides. Avoid drilling at the bottom of the containers so as to reduce water loss as much as possible.

The soil needs to be sufficiently drained, loose and rich in nitrogen, its advisable to use a mix of 40 % garden soil, 40% Vermicompost and 20% fine sand.

Always plant the healthy seedlings as they have potential to grow into healthy and big sized onions. Discard the weak seedlings or grow them separately, consider retaining them in the germination container.

Step 8: Drill 1 inch holes with your fingers in the soil mix and gently put the root part into the hole. Firm the soil around the plant to offer support.

Step 9: Choose a growing spot that receives full sun for at least 6 hours per day.

Water them evenly to dampen the soil. After three days the seedlings will gain some energy and begin to stand straight.

Occasionally water the plants as well as weeding them to remove any unwanted weeds.

Step 10: Fertilize after every 20 days with Nitrogen rich fertilizers to get sizable onion bulbs.

Step 11: Once the onions are firmly in the mature you can bend the top growth to speed up the maturing process. This will also impact on the size of the bulbs.

Step 12: When the top growth begins to turn yellow or dry or when your onion starts to grow flowers, your crop will be ready for harvesting.

Step 13: Loosen the soil around the bulb and pull the onion by the base to pull it out of the soil.

Now let them cure for 5 days in a shed out of direct sunlight, the location should be dry and warm.