Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has urged for a three-day demonstration to commence in the following week, with a determination to intensify the anti-government protests until their demands are fulfilled. Sifuna stated that the protests, occurring every Monday to Wednesday, will persist until President William Ruto agrees to reevaluate the controversial Finance Act of 2023.

In an appearance on Citizen TV’s Daybreak show, Senator Sifuna cautioned that the government should heed the demands of numerous Kenyans before they resort to taking matters into their own hands. He emphasized the significance of recognizable figures like himself, Raila, and Osotsi (Vihiga Senator) leading these demonstrations, as there will be no one to negotiate with if Kenyans take matters into their own hands.

Furthermore, Sifuna criticized the government’s previous announcement of potential arrests of Azimio leaders, asserting that they will persist in their fight against the government and are willing to be apprehended for their cause. He emphasized that they are not easily intimidated and are prepared for any arrests.

Sifuna also addressed Kenya Kwanza, calling for them to take action and fulfill their words, as the anger of Kenyans is directed at the government’s unwillingness to listen.

Recalling the aftermath of the protests on Wednesday, Sifuna revealed that numerous people were injured and some had reportedly lost their lives due to police brutality in various areas of Nairobi. He expressed his disappointment at colleagues who made light of the situation and urged them to empathize with the victims.

The protests saw clashes between the police and demonstrators, with bonfires set by protesters and the police deploying tear gas canisters. Despite being deemed illegal by the police due to lack of notice, the protests went ahead.

Despite the police’s declaration, Odinga affirmed their determination to continue the fight against the government, urging President Ruto to pay attention to their demands to prevent the protests from persisting.