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Asian Lives Matter Movement


Attacks on the Asian-Americans continue to grow despite the measures put down by the government to stop hate crimes in America Today. The incidents have increased atContinue Reading

Magic, Science, and Religion


Magic, science and religion are relatives. Magic can be defined as a power that influences various human activities by using supernatural forces. It includes symbols, rites, taboos, and fetishes that individuals perform to achieve the desired outcome. Whereas these individuals have no control in determining the consequences of a situationContinue Reading

Analysis of Eli the Good


Silas House’s book Eli the Good is an epitome of intrigue, symbolism, and an excellent interpretation of the society in the ’70s. His examples of culture, music, and art give the reader a feeling of the70’s. The author further provides a vivid description of characters and scenes, with sound, smell, weather, andContinue Reading

Abortion should be Banned


Abortion is the process of terminating pregnancy before its due time leading to a still birth. In the recent years, many nations are on quest of legalizing abortions for different reasons. With the increasing number of teenage pregnancies today, cases of abortions are on the rise. Many support this viceContinue Reading

Satire in best in show


The documentary, best in show is centered on owners, trainers and handlers of five dogs who travel to compete in a dog show in Philadelphia. Throughout the show, the actors display elements of satire is elucidated through their quotes. Below are some of the satirical illustrations from the show; “AndContinue Reading


Staying Safe on Hiking Trips with Kids


Hiking is an exciting way of spending time and family outdoors as it is not only good for human fitness, but also provides a chance to interact and appreciate the nature. Spending time hiking also helps ease our minds after busy days at works both at home and office therebyContinue Reading

Supply Chain Management Systems


Supply chain management is defined as managing the steady movement of commodities and services, which also includes converting raw materials to finished goods. Most, if not all, businesses use technology to assist with their supply chain management processes. This is because technology has proven to be faster and more efficientContinue Reading

Technology and Confidentiality


Career assessment on the internet availability has led to many benefits that are important to the general public and career service practitioners. On this, Zunker has made the practice easy by developing models that allow students to complete assessments at their time and convenience with an array of computerized toolsContinue Reading

The story of stranded Ahadi 001 in Malindi Coast.


Fifteen seafarers are stranded in Malindi Town in Kilifi County after their Korean employer, the vessel captain and engineer abandoned them. The seafarers, who work on a crab-fishing vessel christened Ahadi 001, claimed that their employer Yang Xian together with the two others disappeared on Monday after the vessel dockedContinue Reading

World Leaders Congratulate Dr William Ruto on His Election as the Next President of the Republic of Kenya.


Rt. Hon. Nabbanja Robinah-Prime Minister Uganda. I Congratulate HE @WilliamsRuto upon being elected the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya and salute all Kenyans for peacefully exercising your democratic rights @OPMUganda @GovUganda 2. Samia Suluhu– President Republic of Tanzania @SuluhuSamiaNinapenda kuwapongeza kwa dhati wananchi wa Kenya kwa kushiriki uchaguziContinue Reading

Felix Korir

Colombian boy begs Kenyan Athlete for his Jersey-Commonwealth Games


Emotional moment after tearful Colombian boy who was sitting in the stands, holding a peculiar card written in Swahili, begged for Kenyan jersey from athlete Felix Korir. The boy had used modern technology to translate Spanish into Kiswahili. On the card, he wrote; ‘Habari, mimi ni mwanariadha na ningejivunia kuvaaContinue Reading

Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaner Spray

Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaner Spray, Lemon Verbena, 16 fl. oz


Mrs. Meyer’s All-Purpose Cleaner Spray is a modern natural cleaning agent, specifically tailored for cleaning soft surfaces such as Countertops, Tiles and Stone surfaces. Personally, am not easily swayed by reviews or ecommerce sites hype of products, but this was definitely a good choice, definitely to a friend who boughtContinue Reading