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Handling of a company’s encryption keys

 Data loss is common news lately, it is also becoming a norm to hear about organizations losing very sensitive data. According to Privacy rights clearinghouse, more than nine hundred data loss incidents were reported publicly between January 2005 and February 2008 which lead to disclosure of sensitive data relating to over two hundred and eighteen […]

Cyber Security Guide

This Cyber Security Guide is tailored for small-scaled and large-scaled organizations aiming to secure their IT resources from Cybersecurity threats. What Is Cyber Security? Cybersecurity is the practice of ensuring security for computing systems involving hardware, software as well as networks. This Cyber Security Guide provides a guideline to effective cybersecurity that minimizes the chances […]

Security awareness online and Cryptography

Security awareness online How secure aware are you when using your desktop computer online?   Desktop computers offer quite fewer security mechanisms that actually are far much less satisfactory with regard to optimum protection. Desktop computers only offer the operating system security measures such as the firewall and maybe installed antivirus software.  With only the antivirus […]

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