On Thursday, three high-ranking managers from BrownCheese Company Limited, located in Limuru, were taken into custody following an incident in which female employees were allegedly coerced into removing their clothing while at work.

In a distressing event, it is reported that female workers were compelled to strip naked by one of the managers who aimed to identify the individual responsible for incorrectly disposing of a sanitary towel in a bin.

The individuals apprehended in connection with this incident include the Quality Assurance Manager, the Human Resource Manager, and an HR assistant from the company’s plant. They are scheduled to appear in court on Friday.

This troubling occurrence took place on Tuesday, wherein multiple female employees were forced to undress after a used sanitary towel was discovered in an inappropriate disposal bin.

Investigations conducted by the Gender office at Tigoni police station revealed that this was not the first instance of a senior manager coercing female workers to undress.

Senator Gloria Orwoba, who initially made the incident public, received a distress call regarding the matter on Monday night.

“On my social media platforms, I was informed about an incident at Brown Cheese Company in Limuru, where the Quality Assurance Manager discovered a sanitary towel in the wrong bin,” Orwoba shared.

“The manager reportedly gathered all the women from the team and instructed them to remove their clothing in order to determine who was menstruating and subsequently punish them for placing the towel in the bin.”

Orwoba expressed her disappointment that despite her intervention, the situation had escalated.

“Regrettably, the situation at Brownscheese Company in Limuru has escalated despite my office’s involvement this morning,” she remarked.

“It is crucial for all institutions to implement the Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) Policy in Kenya for the benefit of all stakeholders.”