My Journey With MasterCard – Ann Chepkoech


Some opportunities present themselves in your life and mark the beginning of happy endings. For Ann, it was getting introduced to the MasterCard Foundation. Here is how this has impacted her STEM journey; Hi Ann, we are delighted to have you with us todayHi Winnie, I am happy to beContinue Reading

Coming to Birth

An analysis of coming to Birth by Marjorie Oludhe Mcgoye


The novel coming to birth is a story that follows a young girl called Paulina as she grows and matures into adulthood. Paulina’s story is narrated alongside that of Kenya’s struggle for independence. The story also features real political figures in Kenyan history including Jomo Kenyatta, Argwings Kodhek, and TomContinue Reading

Digital Transformation of Operations Management


Digital transformation impacts every aspect of society, particularly economies. Organizations are now accorded an opportunity to fundamentally change their business models through new digital technologies such as big data, mobile technologies, social media, and other innovations. This often involves modifications to the core operations within a business including workflows andContinue Reading

Power and the idea of the righteous king in Oedipus


Oedipus the king is one of the famous Sophocles’ plays which have always seemed to be a trilogy.  This particular play was penned down by Sophocles in 430 B.C and its setting is Thebes (Kamerbeek & Coenraad 12). The storyline features Oedipus Rex, the king as the main character andContinue Reading

Software modelling


Question 1) Briefly discuss the purpose of software modelling and how you have used software modelling in your individual tennis project. Software modelling tools are abstractions used in software engineering to represent what is critical without going into unnecessary details, they help developers deal with complexities in problems being solved.Continue Reading



Depending on the actions taken by a corporation, some stakeholders will be positively affected and others will be negatively affected. Explain.  Management of corporation often involves a balance of interests between stakeholders be it customers or clients, employees, governments or the shareholders. A key area that on many instances createsContinue Reading

Game of checkers exhibits


SECTION A2 (25 marks): Using the game of checkers to model and explore agent theories. Each question is worth 5 marks. Answer EVERY question. Indicative word length per question: 75-100 words. DO NOT EXCEED THIS WORDCOUNT. The game of checkers exhibits a Discrete of a continuous environment, given that thereContinue Reading


It’s time to increase Olympics Medal positions


Over the past two weeks’ majority of us have been glued to our screens across the world watching athletes compete their hearts out at the global stage. There have been a couple of surprises for instance in 100 meters’ men where for the first time Jamaica and the US wereContinue Reading

Sabotage Landlord

Tenant ‘sabotages’ Landlords attempt to increase rent.


Landlords have been known to use the weirdest excuses to kick out tenants who refuse to abide by new regulations such as increase in rent. Generally, most landlords have the reputation of doing very little and expecting the maximum possible gain. For this specific tenant, the landlord crossed the lineContinue Reading

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence measurement approaches


Cultural intelligence is the power to be useful across several cultural setting such as ideological, organizational, ethnic, generational and national contexts. It is also an organizational and management psychology theory that suggest that getting to know the effect of a person’s cultural character background is important for good business andContinue Reading

Super League

European Clubs right to break away to Super League


A lot has certainly been said over the past few days about the plan by Europe’s top clubs to break away from UEFA to a European Super League where the founding clubs of UEFA will have immunity from being relegated. All arguments seem to point to monetary benefits that theseContinue Reading

Yahoo vs Google


Two quite distinct firms, but remain the greatest technological giants and in the international search engine industry, Google and Yahoo! Al aim at dominating the cyberspace traffic flow with each having exemplary business strategies. Yahoo seems to concentrate on communications, establishing content and a community podium that offers great customerContinue Reading

In the Company of heroes



In the company of heroes focuses a lot on Michael j. Durant who happens to be the author’s life, in spite of some concentration of Somalia as a country during the 1990’s.  Several chapters of the book in the company of heroes focus on memories of the times of hisContinue Reading

I Wandered Lonely as a cloud


I Wandered Lonely as a cloud by William Wordsworth is a lyric poem that revolves around the speaker’s state of mind. The process that the speaker goes through as described is symbolized by a natural scene where the speaker is united with plants and the environment. I Wandered Lonely asContinue Reading