Year: 2021

Digital Transformation of Operations Management

Digital transformation impacts every aspect of society, particularly economies. Organizations are now accorded an opportunity to fundamentally change their business models through new digital technologies such as big data, mobile technologies, social media, and other innovations. This often involves modifications to the core operations within a business including workflows and organizational structures. Consequently, society generally […]

The influence of Doctor-patient relationship and communication on patient’s compliance.

The influence of Doctor-patient relationship and communication on patient’s compliance. Introduction             Doctor Patient confidentiality is founded on the belief that a person should not be worried about pursuing medical treatment for the fear that their condition shall be revealed to others. The idea behind this confidential relationship is to make patients that seek treatment […]

Software modelling

Question 1) Briefly discuss the purpose of software modelling and how you have used software modelling in your individual tennis project. Software modelling tools are abstractions used in software engineering to represent what is critical without going into unnecessary details, they help developers deal with complexities in problems being solved. Software models basically help to […]


Depending on the actions taken by a corporation, some stakeholders will be positively affected and others will be negatively affected. Explain.  Management of corporation often involves a balance of interests between stakeholders be it customers or clients, employees, governments or the shareholders. A key area that on many instances creates conflict is agreements on finances, […]

Is the modern pursuit of power fueled by the alliance between scientific progress and economic growth?

Scientific progress and economic growth can on their own be considered as power. Though scientific progress seems to spur economic growth more. Given that globally today, scientific progress and economic growth are unevenly distributed, the privileged countries have disproportionate influence over others with regard to decision making. With the alliance between the two some countries […]

Tenant ‘sabotages’ Landlords attempt to increase rent.

Landlords have been known to use the weirdest excuses to kick out tenants who refuse to abide by new regulations such as increase in rent. Generally, most landlords have the reputation of doing very little and expecting the maximum possible gain. For this specific tenant, the landlord crossed the line when he opted to increase […]

Cultural intelligence measurement approaches

Cultural intelligence is the power to be useful across several cultural setting such as ideological, organizational, ethnic, generational and national contexts. It is also an organizational and management psychology theory that suggest that getting to know the effect of a person’s cultural character background is important for good business and gauging the person’s power to […]

Rep. Maxine urges protesters to get more confrontational if George Floyd Killer Chauvin is not convicted.

California’s Representative Maxine Moore Waters has urged protesters to get more confrontational and remain on the street if Derek Chauvin is not found guilty of killing innocent black man George Floyd. Water’s comments which come from a high-ranking member of society and a democrat were exploited by Republicans who have always been accused of promoting […]

Yahoo vs Google

Two quite distinct firms, but remain the greatest technological giants and in the international search engine industry, Google and Yahoo! Al aim at dominating the cyberspace traffic flow with each having exemplary business strategies. Yahoo seems to concentrate on communications, establishing content and a community podium that offers great customer experiences, as well as advertising […]

The relationship between pay, employee performance, and creativity

Employee performance has been a critical topic of discussion in most modern workplaces, as management look for options to improve. According to Pink, on tasks that require creativity, basic monetary reward systems do not work and may in most cases lead to poor performance. He acknowledges that money indeed is a good motivator, but it […]

I Wandered Lonely as a cloud

I Wandered Lonely as a cloud by William Wordsworth is a lyric poem that revolves around the speaker’s state of mind. The process that the speaker goes through as described is symbolized by a natural scene where the speaker is united with plants and the environment. I Wandered Lonely as a cloud poem was authored […]

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