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Options for Cloud Computing in 2020.

Options for Cloud computing encompasses different computing technologies that enable users to access and use advanced computing capabilities at small charges. Actually it is the state of the art utility computing.  Includes virtual servers, platform-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, and hardware as a service.  Cloud computing can be understood better when we focus on daily computing or information […]

Security awareness online and Cryptography

Security awareness online How secure aware are you when using your desktop computer online?   Desktop computers offer quite fewer security mechanisms that actually are far much less satisfactory with regard to optimum protection. Desktop computers only offer the operating system security measures such as the firewall and maybe installed antivirus software.  With only the antivirus […]

Emerging trends in cloud computing

Emerging trends in cloud computing suggests that it is slowly changing from business buzzword to industry vital solution; technology indicators revealed migration to the cloud as a huge trend in 2015, with researchers anticipating that expenses on cloud services would reach $300 billion by 2016. At the moment, the perceived industry opportunity linked with the cloud […]

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