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Tula Chemoget.

Tula Chemoget also going by the Name DJ Kaptula is a popular event Mcee, one that is definitely worth every penny. Aside from TV and comedy, Tula is also an artist who began by doing several song Remixes in Kalenjin and Swahili versions. Some of Tula Chemoget’s remixes that really did well include; Valu Valu Remix originally done […]

Kass FM Presenter teaches the public the functions of a Gear stick in a car.

Kalenjin Comedian and Kass FM Presenter Tula Chemoget also popularly known as DJ Kaptula on the 6th of May, shared a funny video of what according to him were the various functions of the gear stick. the video was meant to educate those who have bought new automatic cars and do not know how to […]

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