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The Alchemy of suffering


The author in the Alchemy of suffering describes the never-ending human suffering right from birth to the social and economic circumstances such as poverty and death tragedy. The author takes a Buddhist viewpoint on happiness and suffering in writing the article. The author was born and brought up in aContinue Reading

Nandi county

The beautiful Nandi County


Nandi County is situated In the North Rift of Kenya, occupying approximately 2,884 square kilometers bordering Kisumu, Kakamega, Vihiga, and Uasin Gishu counties. County Headquarters is in Kapsabet town with other towns that include Lessos, Nandi Hills, Mosoriot, Kobujoi, Kabiyet, Kaiboi among others. Nandi prides itself with legendary athletes includingContinue Reading

Visible Learning


Learning portraits are all about enriching spoken teachings and facilitates easy and quick learning. They also bring out learner’s emotions and feelings quite well as well as making the learning process quite interactive and practical. Learning portraits are very effective when used in teaching slow learners or young kids sinceContinue Reading

Food Security


The 21st century has been identified by increased technological advancements as well as improved living standards. But then despite this advancements, the issue of food security is still a menace and has not been fully solved, particularly in third world nations. This short essay shall therefore scrutinize the reasons, suggestContinue Reading

Religious leaders condemn politicking in funerals


Religious leaders in the North Rift have condemned politicians’ habit of advancing their political campaigns in funerals, saying it is disrespectful to the bereaved. The clergy now want the national assembly and senate to draft and pass a Bill that will bar politicians from taking advantage of funeral events toContinue Reading


The Legendary Baba Raila Odinga


Raila Amolo Odinga, a political figurehead in Kenya; a man of strong will and a stubborn heart. He is well-known both locally and internationally for his resilience. Even after losing the presidential seat to his opponents several times, Raila still remains strong and determined. Many politicians would not survive inContinue Reading

Miguna Miguna

Miguna Prides Himself with Prophetic Role.


The no nonsense Politician/Lawyer took to twitter to praise himself over what he said during the 2017 Nairobi Gubernatorial candidates Mike Sonko, Peter Kenneth and Evans Kidero. After Sonko was arraigned in court yesterday, Miguna insinuated that he had earlier warned Nairobians of them being Cartels but was shut offContinue Reading

Chinese Economy

The Rise of Chinese Economy


By the 20th century, we have seen so many great nation rise and fall. At all times nations strive for super power status as it assumes a lot of power and strength in global politics and economics.  In the past century alone, over four nations rise to glory of superpowerContinue Reading


Brexit Analysis


United Kingdom (UK) has been a member of the European Union (EU) for close to five decades. The EU is an economic and political bloc with a membership of 28 countries drawn from Europe established after World War II with the objective of fostering economic cooperation. In 1951 Belgium, France,Continue Reading


Devine, Vietnam at 24 Frames a Second


This film specifically characterizes the mission of Willard as a hypocrisy epitome. Within several instances of mass deaths, the United States military is totally wasting its resources killing one of its eminent military personnel. We may also thing that Kurtz might have been retarded mentally, we are not certain whyContinue Reading

Mike mbuvi sonko

Nairobi Governor, Mbuvi Sonko falls ill in Kamiti


Nairobi Governor felt ill while being held in remand prison Kamiti and after Doctors assessment was transferred to Kenyatta National hospital for treatment. The judge had earlier issued a directive for Sonko to be held at Industrial area prison but instead was taken to Kamiti. The Governor faces prosecution forContinue Reading

Robots in Japanese Hospitals


Following stiff competition in the manufacture of machines from the other high performing Asia economies like South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore, Japan shifted focus to high precision items like robotics and optics. The robotics industry is indispensable in Japan than any other country in the globe. This industry provides employmentContinue Reading

Mango Tree



Step 1: Get some ripe mangoes because the seed within the husk should be mature enough to grow into a healthy plant. Step 2: Cut away the Mango’s flesh to expose the seed husk inside. Seed sowing can be done across the year, though June to September is the most idealContinue Reading

Progress of liberty, equality and power in the US


The journey to liberty, equality and power in the United States after the Civil war to the present gives a succinct understanding of the progress which the US has underwent from the older simple State to the current industrialized and powerful nation. This perception not only aids in understanding theContinue Reading



Step 1: Take a medium size container 4-5 inches deep and drill some holes on the sides for drainage. To start the seed germination, use a mix of 50% organic compost and 50% sandy soil. You can also use Loam soil to start the seeds. Step 2: Moisten the soil mix withContinue Reading

The clash of civilization


The clash of civilization is a theory that people’s religious and cultural identities will be the main course of conflict during the post-cold war. Huntington states that future wars would be conflict not between nations but between cultures and that religious extremism would be the main threat to the globalContinue Reading